Get The Look : How To Recreate Your Favourite Celebrity Hair Bobs

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Maintaining a bob is tricky business - ask anyone, you can’t just run a brush through your hair and walk out of the house. On bad hair days, you don’t have the option of tossing them into a messy bun or hiding them in a stylish ponytail. If you’re one of the girls who decided to cut her hair short and needs some instruction on how to style them then here are some tips for healthy hair and styling instructions straight from your favourite celebrity hair stylists.

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Not only does Jennifer Lawrence slay on-screen, her off-screen style is what tempts us to chop off our locks. To achieve her look start the night before by washing and conditioning your hair, one of our favourites for this step is Christophe Robin’s Delicate Volumizing Shampoo With Rose Extracts £28.00. Its formula is gentle on the scalp, keeping your tresses fresh and soft and at the same time giving them some body. In the morning, create flat iron waves using a 1-inch straightener and finish by spritzing on John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Spray Hair Spray £7.02 as it will keep a check on the strays and give your tresses a shine boost. Festival season is around the corner we’re sure you’re going to want to perfect this look before it begins!

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If you’re into a sleeker look or are just in the mood to change things up a bit then get inspired by Jessica Chastain’s retro glam look. To recreate it at home start by using your hairdryer on medium heat and using your fingers to create texture. Next, use your flat iron on sections of your hair to create soft curls at the ends of your hair. Now for that red-carpet shine (and hold) use a generous amount of Redken’s PureForce £10.40 which uses a lightweight formula that helps your hairstyle remain flexible, sleek and smooth, all day long.

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Sarah Paulson is currently the name-to-know thanks to her successful role in the thrilling series, People Vs O.J Simpson - unlike her on-screen character Marcia Clark, real-life Paulson is quite the stylish hottie. Her style is fairly easy to emulate - apply a hair mousse into the hair and roughly blow dry, creating straight waves. Next, create a side-parting from one side and secure using Alfaparf’s Semi Di Lino Styling Illuminating Hairspray £10.08. It’s a product that we’re especially fond of since it not only keeps your tresses in place but also gives it a lustrous, healthy shine. It is a build-up free formula that won't weigh your hair down or make it feel crunchy - the strong-hold hairspray applies evenly and brushes out easily.

One of the tips for healthy hair that we at My Beauty Matches swear by is deep oiling our hair once a week. We may not be celebrities dealing with hairdressers styling our mane every day, but our tresses still need the nourishment. That wasy, in the summer we can just wash and go in the knowledge that our healthy hair will rock the bob.

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