Gorgeous Hair Trends For Heading To The Beach

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During the colder months of winter, while we were weighed down with what seemed like a hundred layers of clothing, the only thing that kept us going was the prospect of spending the summer laying out and enjoying the sun. My gloved hands would be scrolling through the ‘Swimwear & Beachwear’ section of e-stores, dreaming about the happier days to come. Now that weekends by the sea are finally going to be reality here’s a few tips for the best beach hair trends that would go perfectly with that gorgeous swimsuit you picked out for summer sixteen.

Beach Waves

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One of the most obvious and easiest hairstyles would be to create a wavy carefree hairstyle. The reason that it’s a valid suggestion is that when you’re spending hours on the beach you’re in a happy-go-lucky zone, with the wind in your hair and the sand at your feet you’re likely to want to dress the part. Don’t be fooled, creating a messy look isn't as easy as it looks - there is a method to the madness you need to perfect. Here’s how you can achieve the easy-going look : start with a shampoo and conditioning routine. Cover your wet hair with a volumanizer - we recommend Redken's Full Effect Mousse £12.99 as it helps create the ultimate volume throughout your hair without the crunchy or sticky feeling. Next, use a blow dryer to dry while you ruffle your hair with your fingers. Using hair pins, pull the wavy messy locks on one side and secure and you're ready to turn some heads!

Beach Braids

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When it comes to hair trends of 2016, braids are everywhere and you can tell simply by looking at the glossies that celebrities are clearly obsessed with them. It makes sense since dealing with long hair on a hot summer’s day and the sea winds can be quite a task. Create a loose 3-strand braid at the back of the head and secure with thin elastic band. Finish the look by spraying on Joico Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray £9.15 all over to set the look and tame flyways. This fuss-free look is perfect for spending days in the beach and a great way to give your hair some protection from the sun as well.

Bandana Babe

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Adding a bandana to your outfit is the easiest way to protect your hair from the sun, sand and wind all the while being the most fashion forward person on the beach. This look is as easy as it sounds. All you need to do is create a clean up do. To achieve this look start by apply Dove’s Style + Care Frizz-free Shine Cream-serum £4.79 to nourish your tresses. Next, use a blow dryer to dry your hair straight, constantly ruffling them with your fingers to give some added texture and working your way from the crown to the ends. Section hair into a deep side parting and pulling them into a texted knot, using hair pins to keep it completely secured. Once you’re done put on your bandana and voila, you’re all ready to hit the beach!

You’ve got the swimsuit picked out, sunscreen at the ready and now with these hairstyles at bay you’re finally ready to take on the beach season. A little extra effort on your hair and you’re sure to be the best dressed person on the beach - these hair trends are easy-going, gorgeous and let’s just say it doesn't take a village to create them.

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