The Best Hand Creams With SPF

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Whilst we all know the importance of protecting our skin with SPF throughout the year and even more so during the warmer climate, it’s generally our face which a receives the pampering to out do all pampering's when it comes to slathering an obligatory dose of SPF.

Yet for most of us it’s not just our face which bares the brunt of UV rays, as our hands are constantly exposed but often forgotten when it comes to applying a layer sun protection.

Now don't get me wrong the hand cream you religiously apply every morning, noon and night still serves its powerful purposes, I for one would be lost without my 10 + scattered hand creams, but the reality of the matter is the condition of your hands and the answer to younger looking skin also relies heavily upon SPF protection.

How Can I Keep My Hands Protected Against Harmful UV Rays

A quick and easy way to get into the habit of applying an SPF to your hands on a regular basis would be to massage any left over remnants of an SPF face cream onto the back of your hands. Although it's noted that this could become costly especially if you value your moistursier solely for your face, so why not swap your handbags hand cream for an SPF version that will ensure your hands are protected against all environmental defects?

The Hero Project

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A sign of a good hand cream is one which includes skin loving extracts for optimum benefits and The Hero Project's Hand Rehab SPF 20, £15 has it all. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera as well as finely - milled Diamond Dust, this vegan friendly hand cream helps to buff away dead skin cells and keep skin thoroughly moisturised.

Roger And Gallet

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The presence of Evening Primrose Oil, Argan Oil and Shea Butter all make names for themselves in Roger And Gallet's Bois D'orange Hand And Nail Cream SPF 15, £6.50 which help to keep skin sumptuously soft in this divinely scented paraben free formula, plus the added benefits of SPF 15 are sure to keep skin protected from harmful UV rays.


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Along with the delicate skin around the eyes, another area which is prone to showing the first signs of ageing are the hands due to the skin being considerably thinner and more susceptible to damage. L'occitane's Almond Velvet Hands SPF 15, £19 helps to combat this with a blend of three active ingredients and UV filters, which stimulate collagen production and protect the youthfullness of hands.

Finding the right hand cream to treat your beauty concerns couldn't be easier. Try taking our beauty quiz which will take all the guess work out for you and provide you with free, unbiased, personalised recommendations.