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Hands up who has left the house with perfect hair to be inevitably hit with a sudden downpour, was struck with tube humidity or worse cycling helmet fringe? (London commuters will surely sympathise with this). And you catch a glimpse in the work bathrooms and it looks like a flock of pigeons has been nesting in it, and you haven’t even had lunch yet! If you’re often stuck with frazzled, unkept hair midway through the day then all you need is the right products in your handbag. Everyone’s got a small emergency makeup pouch in their bag so why is our hair getting ignored? Along with tips for healthy hair, we’ve shortlisted quick fix hair styling products that you shouldn't leave the house without.

But First…Dry Shampoo.

When you're busy running around all day at work, things occasionally fall a bit flat. Worry not, luckily for us they’ve created a solution for that in the form of dry shampoo. A bottle of Batiste’s Tropical Shampoo £1.09 is sure to freshen up your head,soaks up any oils and gives you a mooch needed boost.

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Make it Stay

A product you won't regret adding to your handbag is Superdrug’s Hairspray Firm £0.89. This super affordable product will rescue you on days when your hairstyle just refuses to stay where you want it to. It’s for that stubborn strand (yes, that annoying one) which needs to learn its place in your perfect Blake Lively-esque chignon.

The Sleek Finish

If you’re still on the hunt for a cure for a bad hair day then we can bet you haven't ever used Kerastase’s Touche Finale £12.00 before. Massaging a small amount of this polishing serum at the ends of your tresses eliminates the frizz and gives a sleek, shiny finish. Its solution contains UV-filters and humidity protection to help you power through that morning commute.

Protect Your Mane

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Is your job making you live out of a suitcase? Well, that’s no excuse to ignore the health of your hair even if youve only got carry on. Your hotel may provide the heat styling appliances but you’re going to need to carry your own hair care armour. When you’re jet-setting through cities,sunnier climates or snowy mountains, the compact bottle of TRESemme Protect Heat Defence Serum £1.99 should find a place in your suitcase. Other than the fact that it’s super easy to carry, it also promises to nourish your mane and improve manageability. Its formula seals in shine and helps prevent heat damage no matter what the temperature is outside.

With these products and tips for healthy hair in hand, your chances of ever having a bad hair day are as slim as Kim K never posting a selfie again.

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