Hangover What Hangover? 5 Amazing Remedies to Cure Hungover Skin

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The sun has been officially shining for 3 consecutive days in London, which can only mean one thing. Summer is on its way! Whoop!

I love summer. When the sun shines, i just feel healthier. I feel better with a tan, running seems a lot more fun when it isn’t raining, salads are actually tempting and delicious, fresh air and no central heating make my skin clearer, picnics in the park, a few too many cheeky ciders in the beer garden...uh oh. Before you know it, I’ve undone all my good work and woken up the next day with dry eyes, lank hair and skin more parched than Gandhi's sandal.

However, even if you feel less than perky, there’s no need to look it with these 5 amazing remedies for hangover skin. These top tips for healthy skin will blow those hangover cobwebs away and leave you glowing.

1) Get Hydrated.

First up, it’s important to hydrate. Alcohol is very drying and leaves you far too dehydrated to look or feel good. So drink a large glass of water first thing, which will help fight that fuzzy head and then it’s time to hydrate your skin too. Spritz your skin with new natural favourite; Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner £8.10 the German chamomile and rosewater work in harmony with your skin to reenergise and sooth it. Follow up with a good moisturiser to really seal in that hydration. Shara Shara water Girls Ice Lotion £14.80 is as refreshing as the name suggests. It blasts your face with an invigorating blend of glacier water and bamboo, your thirsty skin will drink this up!

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2) Eyes are the window to the Soul.

Or, in other words pesky tattle tales on what you were up to last night. Red, bloodshot and puffy is not a good look and no amount of “I’ve got hayfever” excuses will cover those hungover peepers up, and whilst designer bags are coveted, eye bags are not. If your really struggling to deflate them and have a few extra minutes, read our guide to banishing eyebags with an AMAZING massage technique here. But, before you reach for the sunglasses, pop on Rodial Dragons Blood Eye Masks £30.50 as you are getting dressed and let these small and mighty patches work wonders. They are loaded with arnica extract to reduce the look of under-eye puffiness & dark circles. But the time you’ve put your shoes on, peel off for vibrant, de-puffed eyes.

3) Coloring in.

If you’re looking a little green around the gills, Clinique Superprimer Colour Corrects Sallowness £27.50 is a genius product that makes even the most salow skin look wide awake again.

4) Get Glowing.

When in doubt, highlight! Fake a wide awake glow with Perricone Md No Highlighter Highlighter £29.00 the pigment pearls bring believable radiance back to you skin with no tell tale tide marks.

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5) If you can’t beat them, distract them!

You should be feeling much better by this point, and the zombie esq hangover face shouldn’t be giving you away, but just to be on the safe side deflect everyone's eye from your eyes (the real give away) with a super bright pop of colour on your lips. New Cid Cosmetics iPout Up Lipstick £13.20 Scarlet is the perfect warm orangey red shade. A warm tone will brighten your face and draw eyes away from the rest of your (hungover) face. Also if you haven’t managed to make it home, the handy mirror on the lid means you can apply it on the bus and no one will ever know!

Well with those handy hangover- proof tips for healthy skin written, it would be rude not to celebrate. Anyone for a glass of wine? Because we’re going to look more than FINE tomorrow...

Feeling a little parched? Check out our full range of hangover busting, super hydrating moisturisers here.