Happy Feet: The Ultimate Beauty Guide For Sandal-Ready Feet

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During the long, dreary winter it’s hard to pay attention to your feet especially since they’ve spent every minute of every day tucked into two layers of socks and slipped into your favourite ankle boots (yes, those comfy ones you spent the entire season in.) We don’t blame you for ignoring your feet when it’s freezing cold outside but summertime is a whole different discussion. We’re approaching that time of the year when our feet need to be prepped and ready to be shown off in sandals, flip flops, slippers and open-toed pumps. As always, we’re here with a list of the top skin care tips and tricks to achieve the goal of gorgeously pedicured feet.

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A winter of being covered up in woolley socks will mean that you're holding onto dead skin and it’s time to give your feet a hard scrub. The next best thing to having small fish nibble at your feet is a proper exfoliation routine. Massage L’occitane Mandacaru Foot Scrub £14.00 on your lower legs and feet to soften your calluses and get it ready for a moisturising session. An excellent alternative is O.P.I’s Feet Callus Therapy £16.00 which soothes irritating cracks, dry skin and other common foot problems. It contains a combination natural fruit acid complex of sugar cane, lemon, orange and apple and moisturising shea butter that helps achieve buttery soft skin.

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Follow up the rigorous exfoliation with a soothing lotion such as Burt’s Bee’s Mama Bee Leg & Foot Creme £13.00. Not only does it manage to give you the much needed nourishment but its rich cream is specially formulated with peppermint oil and rosemary extract to relax and soothe sore tired muscles.

We’re going to steer clear of recommending expensive spa treatments, we know that time and money constraints make it impossible to schedule an appointment frequently. The solution to this predicament is picking up a few daily habits that don’t distract you from your everyday routine. To create a express foot spa at home start by soaking your feet in warm water - whether you’d like to climb up next to your bathroom sink or use a small bucket, read a magazine while the water softens your skin.

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Follow that up by removing all traces of previously applied nail polish. Once you’ve clipped, filed and buffed your nails use Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab Oil £6.95 to help improve your nail strength. It contains jasmine and rose extracts which help replenish cuticles to give them a healthy and nourished look. Finally, carefully apply a vibrant hue of nail paint, making sure to get the brush to the corners of the nail.

After ignoring our feet for the better part of winter it can be a hard task to regain its beauty but with these beauty buys and skin care tips and tricks you can have your nourished feet back!

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