How To Repair Hands After Winter Takes Its Toll

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dry skin on hands

Following quite a mild Christmas, we’ve had a spell of what truly feels like winter. Snow warnings, windscreens iced over and overcrowded tubes as everyone goes underground in seek of warmth. The cold weather has been wreaking havoc on our skin causing sore, chapped, dry skin on our hands and face.

Taking care of your hands doesn’t always come as second nature. Hands are often neglected throughout the year with the only daily routine being the use of hand sanitiser to rid your hands of the nasties you’ve picked up on public transport. People in the UK spent close to £50m on hand sanitiser in 2015, with the number rising each year in a bid to avoid catching the flu.

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Investing in a good sanitiser that will also bring moisture back to the dry skin on your hands, is important if you’re a commuter. This moisturising gel by Jurlique can eliminate 99% of bacteria on the hands whilst infusing the skin with moisture with its natural ingredients including nettle, rosemary, lavender, sage, witch hazel and safflower, whilst others can strip your hands of moisture, leaving your skin coarse and rough.

Hand moisturising shouldn’t stop there. Your hands are faced with various irritants throughout the day which may cause the dry skin on your hands to get worse - handling hot food, paperwork, holding hand rails and applying your skin care and makeup are all things you use your hands for that you don’t even think about. Ensuring you take care of your hands and keep them in tip top shape all year round there’ll be no need to shy away. Wear your new manicure with pride!

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For dry hands, there are even hand washes that could help you back to a good moisture balance. Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Liquid Soap is infused with alfalfa, carrot root, rosemary leaf, sage and chicory leaf and is a mild, pH balanced formula that will help restore hands and get them as nourished as possible. Teaming this with PHB Ethical Beauty Olive & Aloe Vera Scent Free Hand Cream, which is made with a creamy formula which will hydrate skin and absorb instantly, leaving no greasiness or residue. Your hands will feel soothed, relieved of dryness and have any damage repaired following frequent use.

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If you suffer from sensitive skin as well as dry skin on your hands, you will need to look at products that are pH balanced and free from parabens, harsh chemicals and are rich in natural non-irritating ingredients. Green People Neutral Scent Free Hand Wash is an extremely mild, organic soap which is suitable for people who are prone to eczema, psoriasis and dry hands, that leaves hands clean and full of moisture after each use. Completely pH balanced, free from SLS and irritating soap, this scent free hand wash also comes without artificial fragrances or essential oils which may cause irritation to the skin. As a daily hand cream, the A-Derma Dry Hand Cream for Sensitive Skin will be your dry skin savior. This thick, oat based cream is not only soothing and non-irritating, but offers a deep relief for sensitivity and dry skin on your hands, leaving beautifully soft skin that's protected from the elements all day.

To find hand creams, sanitisers and washes to cure the dry skin on your hands, take our beauty quiz and we’ll match you to the perfect one!