How Can I Find The Right Blusher Shade For My Skin?

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With the Christmas party season in full swing, it’s only natural that we all want to treat ourselves to some new makeup to take us through the glitz and glamour that Christmas and New Year so frequently brings.

However with a change in the season, plus not forgetting one look at our fading to non existent tan from the Summer, sometimes we need a little help when it comes to determining the right shade before hitting the makeup counter.

To separate the confusion that comes with finding the right blusher to picking the perfect shade, we spoke to professional makeup artist Sara Hill.

Fair Tone

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For those with exceptionally fair skin and light hair it can be quite hard to judge the correct shade when looking for the right blusher, Sara suggests to opt for ‘pale pink to soft peach’ to gently create a sense of warmth without too much of an overpowering finish. Whilst slightly more warmer toned fair skin with a darker hair shade of dark brown or dark blonde can get away with wearing a ‘soft pink to nude pink’ shade adds Sara.

Biscuit Tone

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Biscuit to medium toned skin which channels a touch of warmth should stick with a 'rose pink to nude pink' blusher shade for light blonde to black hair, edging more towards a 'brownish pink' blusher for red heads explains Sara.

Olive Tone

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Olive toned skin which is of a more caramel toned complexion should opt for the following blusher hues of 'brownish pink' to compliment hair which is quite light, followed by 'soft plum to bronze peach' for brown to dark brown hair and 'rose pink' for black hair.

Deep Tone

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Deeper toned skin should lean towards 'soft plums, soft burgundy's and soft terracotta's' blushers for light to dark brown hair, followed by a warm pink blusher for darker hair suggests Sara.