How I Found The Perfect Foundation

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how to find the perfect foundation for dry skin on face

Finding the right foundation can be tricky - you’re never too sure how it will wear, whether it will last all day, be the right shade or whether it is suitable for your skin type such as oiliness or dry skin on your face.

Having personally tried around 50 different foundations - both high end and boutique, trust me when I say finding the perfect one isn’t easy if you don’t know where to look or what you’re looking for. As seasons change, so does my skin tone and in fact, so does the temperament of my skin - some days it can be red and blotchy, others it can be very dry and more often than not, it’s annoyingly oily, giving that horrid shine to my forehead that we all dread. For these seasonal skin changes, I have to regularly change my foundation from MAC Studio Fix Fluid to Estee Lauder Double Wear and on to NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation in the summer.

The key to finding the perfect foundation, especially when you suffer from dry skin on your face, is to request sample sizes or sample pots from the counter. Makeup stores often carry sample pots and offer the chance to try the foundation for a few days. As foundation looks different in florescent light than it does under natural or white light, you can never really tell whether you’ve picked up the right shade until you’ve seen it under all lights.

It is also impossible to tell how your skin will react to the foundation unless you can try it first for a whole day or two - this is also great for testing out its longevity and wear. It’s a real money saver too as you won’t be wasting your money buying a whole tube when all you need is a few day’s worth to try.

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Top tip: keep a hold of those sample pots as you can decant your chosen foundation into it and slip into your clutch or handbag so you needn’t take out the whole bottle/tube for midday touchups after lunch.

Choosing the perfect foundation for my dry skin on my face was easy, using the beauty quiz on My Beauty Matches, I was recommended a whole range of foundations that would be suitable for me. When my skin changes from dry to oily and my skin concerns change from acne to uneven skin tone, I can just change my preferences and am given three top picks specifically for me and my skin type, as well as a whole multitude of different brands and foundations to choose from, making finding the right foundation so much easier.

Once you know what shade you are, finding the perfect foundation for your skin type is just a few clicks away.