How Regular ‘Inner Facials’ Can Save You Money

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When it comes to skin and body care, I like to keep things simple, natural and easy. I also like to choose beauty products that work hard. It’s great to splurge on a favourite every now and then, but looking out for products that are real multi-taskers can save you money and balance out the splurge!

Looking out for plant-based oils and serums that can be put to a multitude of tasks can be hugely cost-saving - Just add a few drops to your regular moisturiser in the morning, or use a few drops directly on your face at night for a hydration boost. Oils and serums such as NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi Usage Dry Oil also work well on any dry patches on elbows or heels, and many can be used on your hair too - just add a little to ends that are prone to dryness. Many oils can also be added to the bath for a luxurious scented soak, while they work wonders on dry cuticles too.

Balms are another great multi-tasking product for face and body. Use Green & Spring Miracle Nurturing Balm on chapped lips and on faces overnight for an intense moisture boost, while elbows, knees, and hands and feet can all benefit. Slick eyebrows into shape, or use to soothe dry, flaky patches. Use the same balm on freshly washed feet just before you go to bed, popping on a pair of lightweight socks over it and letting the balm go to work overnight. Great prep for summer-ready feet!

One way of saving money on skincare products is to keep your skin in tip top condition with regular facials. The Inner Facial is one of those treatments that doesn’t necessarily sound especially glamorous or relaxing, but the benefits to your skin have made this particular facial super-popular with many of my celebrity clients, particularly in the run-up to any red-carpet events.

Having been taught the technique by the woman who invented it, renowned facialist Nichola Joss, this facial is the closest thing you will get to a facelift without actually having one. It also helps to keep the skin toned, firm and glowing – a must for any special event, whether you have a celebrity lifestyle or not.

Each session begins with a thorough lymphatic drainage massage, which helps to eliminate toxins, transport nutrients to cells and relax the muscles – it can especially help with puffiness and dull skin for a fresher, rejuvenated look.

The name, Inner Facial, stems from the technique, which requires the therapist to massage the inner tissue of the muscles within the mouth, which, if performed correctly, increases the blood flow in the face whilst firming the skin and easing the tension around the jawline. The procedure is done in a vigorous manner in order to contract the cheek muscles and sculpt the face from the inside. This in turn encourages the cheeks to perk up, creating the effect of a facelift and a more youthful appearance. The vigorous massage technique used can mean a few minutes of discomfort, but the results are worth it.

The next stage is an external facial massage, which is the lovely, relaxing part of the treatment! Using a facial oil here helps to soften and smooth the skin for a fresh, plump and glowing look. I like the Green People Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, which has a lovely blend of organic rosehip, avocado and almond oils combined with antioxidant vitamin E to soften and revitalise skin, while Ren’s Face Rose Moisture Defence Oil is ultra-moisturising for dry and dehydrated skin.

The massage itself helps to bring oxygen to the skin, and increase circulation and collagen production. The massage also increases absorption rate of the active ingredients of the facial oils used. The combination adds a healthy glow and rosy cheeks, which is perfect for today’s natural, healthy look.

There are also long-term skin benefits from this treatment. The increased collagen production helps to delay the signs of ageing. What’s more, a lot of the wrinkles on our faces form due to muscle tension; regular facial massage helps to relax these tight muscles, preventing the wrinkles from forming altogether. For maximum results, it is best to have this type of facial every eight weeks.

Getting this facial will keep away the fine lines, rejuvenate your skin and give your skin all the nourishment it needs without having to spend time and money using serums, lotions, creams and treatments twice a day every day - although these would maximise results to keep you looking younger and leaner for longer.

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