How To Ace Contouring Every Single Time

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Other than breaking the internet and turning a sex tape into a billion dollar business, we can give Kim Kardashian West the credit for single-handedly popularising one of the biggest makeup trends of the 21st century - yes, we’re talking about contouring. When journalists are astounded by how many celebrities are transforming their facial features by going for elective surgeries, we makeup enthusiasts secretly know that it is actually because they’ve used the power of makeup right. If you know how to contour correctly then you have the power to a fake smaller nose and killer cheekbones. There is a barrage of information available, practically everywhere you look, about how to perfect this look. Unlike the Kardashians, since we ourselves are responsible for it, we decided to scour through the endless details to compile a list of easy makeup looks and tips and tricks to perfect your contoured look every single time.

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If you have no idea what contouring is all about then we should start from the basics. This is a makeup technique which uses different shades of foundation to create an illusion of a sculpted look. The basic principal involved in contouring is that the darker parts seem further away and the lighter, slightly forward. To contour your face to perfection, all you need are three shades of foundation - one should be the colour of your skin tone, one two shades darker and the third, two shades lighter. These three colours are then blended to seamless perfection to help you achieve leaner and enhanced facial features.

To perfect this look every single time you will need to make small investments. Other than two different shades of foundation, pick up a reliable contour brush. A product we highly recommend is Lottie London’s Lottie Contour Queen Brush, Contour Brush £7.99 as this comes with an innovative shaped head designed to create definition, elongate and slim the face in one simple movement. It allows for flawless and effortless blending of product.

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Now coming to the actual method of applying this easy makeup look - start by sucking in your cheeks and position the brush directly under the centre of the cheekbone, the focus of the application should always be along your natural cheekbone line. Another one of the top beauty tips that almost all makeup artists swear by is using a cream-based foundation such as MAC’s Studio Fix range £21.99 as this iconic product seamlessly glides onto your skin to create the perfect nude canvas.

Experts are also seen using generous amounts of highlighter while contouring. Create a natural glow by applying Clinique's Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator £22.50 to the inner corner of your eye, to your cupid’s bow and to the bridge of your nose. This product contains a sheer liquid that will give you a gorgeous luminous sheen. Lightweight and oil free, the liquid creates an undetectable veil on the skin, illuminating your complexion and imparting a natural looking glow. No wonder makeup artists love overusing a good highlighter.

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Another pro-tip to help you ace contouring is the technique used to apply products. You need to lightly tapping on makeup products instead of massaging them on your skin. By simply dabbing, you ensure that it remains on the surface, staying on all night and the major advantage is that you end up using less of it.

Contouring may be the simplest way to fake a gorgeous sleek, sculpted face but it is an art that doesn’t come easy. Use our contouring tips and tricks to enhance your natural looks and never make a makeup fail ever again.

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