How to Achieve Salon Standard Chip-Free Nails At Home

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There’s nothing like a fresh salon manicure right? That feeling of empowerment a woman feels when she has a fresh set of acrylics, or a nice new set of shiny gels. A salon manicure can cure all. It can make dry skin on hands or ageing skin appear much better. With the right manicure, women feel like they could rule the world.

As busy mothers, business women, entrepreneurs, students and leaders, women don’t always have the time to pop to their local salon for a fresh mani pedi, or spend hours at the spa (as much as we’d like to) to get those hands in tip top shape for a busy day ahead, but we all need to feel like the empowered goddess that we are with a killer red nail, french tip or stiletto.

To achieve the same standard of manicure at home, ensuring polish remains chip-free and doesn’t eat into too much daylight, we’re going to clue you up! Make sure this is the last thing you do before heading out the door to prevent any dents or smudging whilst getting dressed etc.

To begin any manicure, I always start with some Dr. Hauschka Neem Nail and Cuticle Oil to reverse the effects of the weather and prevent me getting dry skin on my hands and some Mavala Mava Flex Serum for Nails to stop them getting dry and brittle too.

The key, first off, is to create your foundation… the base. Glide on a super thin coat of base coat such as Essie Fill The Gap, which fills in any ridges and smooths over the nail to look salon perfect.

Applying 3 strokes per nail and waiting a minute in between coats to prevent streaks will get you those perfect talons. For the colour, you’ll want to apply 2 coats - no matter how thick the consistency is. Going for a bold colour or a subtle nude can both compliment and bring contrast to any look or outfit, so make your mind up which colour you want before you start - a difficult, time consuming task if like me, you have over 160 nail polishes. My current favourite is OPI Dulce de Leche, a sweet, creamy nude that’s perfect with practically any outfit.

Remember, do this in two coats, not in one, as keeping the layers thin will ensure longevity and chip-free resistance.

Finish up with a thin layer of Lottie London So Jel Top Coat, which will give you salon-style gel looking nails in a jiffy! Be sure to cap the ends of your nails and wait until completely dry before doing anything! To speed up the drying process, Jessica Quick Dry Nail Oil will protect your nails from smudging, budging or scratching and keep your nails looking beautifully polished.

Prevent yourself from getting dry skin on your hands by completing your manicure with Molton Brown Ylang Ylang Replenishing Hand Cream and have amazing salon standard chip free nails and super soft hands all winter.

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