How To Avoid The Dreaded “Winter Battered Skin”

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Winter brings some serious skincare hazards in the form of dry skin on your face, chapped lips and nose, broken capillaries and a whole host of other nasties. We have the top tips on how to avoid winter skin woes.

Summer has officially ended (sob), the temperature is taking a sharp decline, and the precipitations are taking a sharp inline (double sob) whilst you might be digging out your winter coats and boots in order to dress appropriately for the deluge of cold that's about to set in. What about overhauling your skincare routine too?

The falling temperatures, cranked up office heating and lower humidity can rapidly impair your skin's barrier functions, leaving it not only vulnerable to moisture loss, dehydration and fine lines (the horror), but also flaky dry skin on your face, sensitivity and redness and of course a pallor the colour of putty as your golden summer glow fades once more. If you don’t act fast to stop winter skin in it’s tracks you could see dull, red and dry skin on your face until the sun appears again next spring!

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The only up-side to winter is that you can use luxuriously creamy products, brightening balms and nourishing unctuous scrubs or a complexion that is as metaphorically comfortable as the thought of snuggling up in your pj's in front of a roaring log fire on a snowy winter’s day. Here are our top tips for glowing skin whatever the winter weather throws at you:

1. Upgrade your cleanser

In winter when the air becomes cold and dry it’s worth switching your usual foaming cleanser to a creamy balm or oil to cleanse any grime without stripping your skin's precious oils and leaving your facial skin dry and flaky. Bobbi Brown Cleaning Oil is the makeup mavericks latest (and we have to say one of the greatest) products. Concocted from a blend of soothing jasmine flower extract, moisturising kukui nut oil, Italian olive, organic sunflower and jojoba oils it quickly dissolves impurities but leaves skin feeling luxurious and radiant with no dry facial skin in sight.

2. Double the moisture

In summer you may be able to get away with a light gel moisturiser but in winter it's a good idea to double the moisture content with a barrier repairing cream. Look for ingredients such as fatty acids, omega 3’s, hydraulic acids and natural oils, to prevent any further water loss from your skin's barrier. Avène Tolérance Extrême Emulsion is a creamy, yet lightweight moisturiser formulated with just six essential ingredients to nourish dehydrated and dry skin on your face. The signature Thermal Spring Water ingredient boosts hydration and soothes any redness or sensitivity leaving your skin, plump, smooth and glowing.

3. Layer up

If a single moisturisers still isn't enough to keep sensitive and dry skin on your face at bay during the winter months then layer it up with a facial oil or serum to boost moisture and keep skin soft and smooth. Antipodes Protein Joyous Rich Serum can be used every evening to repair damaged and dry skin on your face. With Himalayan goji berry and 9 amino acids, this serum is a rich source of essential fats that will restore elastin, purify, and radiance and protect your skin even in the harshest winter climes.

4. Don’t forget to exfoliate

Dry skin is lax at shedding those dull outer layers so it’s important to keep up with your exfoliation routine through winter despite the added dryness you may feel. Go gently and exfoliate at night when skin has a chance to repair itself properly. Nars Double Refining Exfoliator smoothes, clanses and refines clogged pores whilst brightening and tightening complexions. Facial dry skin is no match for this Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, Alcohol Free, Oil-Free cleanser. Follow up with a serum and night cream to wake up with plum, radiant skin.

5. Add extras

It’ s not just your face that suffers in winter, although being exposed it does get the brunt of it. Keep your limbs in tact under all those layers with a rich body cream such as Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm which sinks in beautifully and leave you smelling fragrant all day long.

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