How To Balance Your Mind, Body And Soul With An Intuitive

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Sometimes in life all we need is some guidance, we spend so much time on our family, friends, work and social media but we shouldn’t forget the most important person in our life and that of course is ourself.

I am a big believer in mental health and have been practicing shivyog meditation for 25 years, I stopped drinking alcohol many years back but I’ve realised along the way that sometimes you need to detox mentally too.

In the past I've also found that going on a solo holiday really helps too. In a similar way to how we renew our makeup bag for each season, it is equally important to renew and refresh our mind set all year round and especially during the gloomy Winter months.

This is why I decided to meet Susan King, who is an Intuitive Counselor and one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. Susan is a true visionary but I am proud to say also a friend now, the best way I can explain how amazing she is is by sharing her incredible journey so that you can invest in yourself too and have the journey you want to have.

As a child Susan used to see things from different dimensions, she had a conventional up bringing and studied anatomy and then went to work in the pharmaceutical industry. However by the time she reached her 20’s she knew she had a special gift as she could start seeing visions.

This got picked up and Susan was asked to help resolve criminal cases in Asia. When the Japanese airline disaster happened she dreamt about it and could even see the vision of a survivor in seat 53b which she still remembers! She therefore helped the Japanese government understand where to find the survivors so they could be rescued, this was followed on with her helping with many other criminal cases.

Sounds like a TV show right? Except in Susan’s case, this is reality although she did have a TV show at one point too. She also started in UK with a TV presenter and then through referrals got a bigger and bigger client base (this is how you know this is the real thing). Susal was invited to South of France as her clients were there and then even got her own Radio Riviera show and then started getting clients over the phone too and now she has a big following and client base in Hollywood and L.A.

When I asked Susan why she does what she does she said “I really enjoy making a difference in people’s lives and I feel there should be a balance between the body, mind and soul”.

I asked Susan about my work life and personal life and it was crazy how much she knew about certain things even more than me and how accurate some things were which I realised less than a week afterwards. Not only did Susan provide me clarity and help put things into perspective but she was also incredibly inspiring as a 3 time cancer survivor herself!

Sometimes our own personal radar can go “wako” due to overworking and we need a different perspective and some affirmations to help us through it and Susan was spot on.

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Susan now has a 16 year partnership with COMO Hotels and Resorts so if you are looking for a session to reset your body, mind and soul I would highly recommend investing in a phone or face to face session with Susan for clarity and peace of mind throughout the new year and beyond.