How To Banish Ingrown Hairs

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It's that time of the year when we crawl out of our masterfully crafted scarf & sweater cacoons and begin picking out all of the sundresses we will be wearing in celebration of some seriously warmer weather! (I mean 40 degrees, is no joke!)

And yes, it is also the season of getting back into your weekly shaving routine and praying, begging, that you won't get those pesky, and at times, painful ingrown hairs. So in celebration of warm weather, we're sharing our top tips for banishing ingrown hairs:

Use a scrub before you shave!

Exfoliating your skin takes away dead cells, revealing a fresher layer of skin. Using a scrub before shaving will not only keep your feeling and looking smoother for longer but reduce the likelihood of developing ingrown hairs thanks to that closer shave.

Scrubs are also great when ingrown hairs have already formed. It is important to use a very gentle scrub on the area to avoid irritating it. We love the super gentle Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub for that!

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[Aesop, Geranium Leaf Body Scrub, £25.00](

If you wax, use post-waxing creams!

Waxing is as painful to you as it is to your body. Stripping your skin of hair right from the root sends a shock-like signal through the follicles and this may result in red bumps and temporary irritation. To help your skin cope and soothe faster it is best to use post-waxing creams like the Decleor Paris Post-Wax Regrowth Cream. The aloe vera and magnolia essential oils make this the perfect pamper cocktail for your skin post-waxing!

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[Decleor Paris, Aroma Epil Expert Anti-Hair Growth Post-Wax Cream, £25.00](

When waxing, always use something to cool off your skin afterwards!

Along with potentially sticky legs, the post-wax pain and red bumps, you may also feel some seriously inflamed skin. To cure this we recommend applying a cooling cream or gel. This is especially good for trickier areas like the bikini line where you are more prone to post-wax ingrown hairs!

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Shaveworks, The Coolfix Rollerball, £21.00

Soothe any actively irritated areas and don’t touch!

Another great way to soothe inflamed skin is by using aloe vera gel! Using pure aloe gel and apply it all over your skin will help to soothe it as well as, keep it hydrated!

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Banana Boat, Aloe Vera Gel, £7.00

Don’t pick, banish with gentle acids!

Whether you wax or shave, the formation of an ingrown hair is the same and it will hurt equally as bad! That is why it’s important to give the hair some breathing room and let it run its course, before taking more steps to banish it!

Instead apply gentle acids like glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin around it and open up the pores, aiding the ingrown hairs out.

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Nip+Fab, Glycolic Fix Body Cream, £7.99

Avoid oil based products!

Ironically enough, what we suggest as a replacement to oil-based products is tea tree oil! Oil-based products are prone to clog surrounding pores as well as the follicle once it starts opening up and releasing the ingrown hair, that is why it is best to use more drying ingredients such as tea tree oil.

The simultaneous antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil make it the perfect remedy against ingrown hairs.

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The Body Shop, Tea Tree Oil, £8.50

Banishing ingrown hairs is a pain and if you've given these products a go and not had any luck, try taking our quiz to get some personalised recommendations on what products will help you.