8 Steps To Conquering Your Christmas Work Party Hangover In True Style

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Ok let's be honest we've all been there and endured one too many Proseccos at the expense of our boss during the festive work party season, right?

I'll hold my hands up and admit that I fell victim to hangover curse last year and although I don’t plan on making it a recurring reality this year, it's always good to be prepared especially when 'Charlotte' from accounts managed to hand in her annual leave request form to bag the next day off, before I had the chance to!

Why most companies decide to hold their Christmas work parties mid week I will never understand, I can only assume it's to subliminally trick employees into drinking less but just in case you also happen to fall victim to the Prosecco curse this year, before you reach for that regrettable fry up, here are the beauty remedies to help you survive the post Prosecco hangover from hell.

Banish Upcoming Breakouts

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You've woken up, your skin feels severely dehydrated, your mouth feels drier than a desert and you still have the remnants of last nights makeup on with a false eyelash perched on your pillowcase, which at a hungover glance looks like the world’s worst spider!

Whilst skin care is quite possibly the last thing you want to think about, you need to get cleansing and remove the rest of your makeup which is well on its way to causing a vicious breakout. Bioderma’s Sensibio H Micelle Solution, £10.80 will help to cleanse away dirt, oil and makeup impurities to leave you with refreshed skin in an instant. Specially formulated for sensitive complexions this is also a great cleanser for skin which has become irritated overnight from any over indulged glitter looks.

Scrub The Hangover Away

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Coffee scrubs are a key place to start when you need are in need of a revitalising dose of body invigoration, slather on a generous dose of Bean Body's Coconut Coffee Bean Scrub, £14.95 which is packed with a luxurious skin renewing formula of Robusta Coffee Beans, Organic Cacao, Vitamin E, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt and Demerara Sugar to exfoliate away dead skin cells, stimulate blood flow and awaken your senses from head to toe.

Invigorate Your Senses

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If you're running short on time with your hangover beauty cure or simply want to double cleanse your body after washing off your coffee scrub ESPA's Bergamot, Jasmine & Cedar Wood Body Wash, £19 is another great pick for the morning after the night before. Enriched with a blend of pure essential oils and a heavenly aromatherapy aroma, this body wash is sure to awaken your senses and have you feeling back to yourself in no time.

Eyes On The Prize

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As a rule the eyes tend to give away how you're feeling first more than any other part of your body and if your eyes are looking a little worse for wear when you look in the mirror the chances are everyone else can see it. Place on a pair of Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks £39, to restore and rejuvenate tired puffy eyes along with the appearance of dark circles. With a cooling blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Bio - Cellulose and Dragon's Blood from the Croton Lechleri tree, these eye masks are on hand to reduce redness and inflammation whilst also treating dehydration loss.

Glow All The Way

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Make the most of your hangover beauty steps with The Body Shop's Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser, £16 specially formulated for dull, tired, grumpy skin this will help to enhance your coffee scrub steps, leaving you with visibly brighter skin. Complete your look with few strokes of NARS' Radiant Creamy Concealer, £23 all over to accentuate your skin with a luminous finish.

Relax Restore Refresh Repeat

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Keep a bottle of Clinique's Moisture Surge Face Spray, £22.50 with you at all times to keep your skin revitalised throughout the day. Enriched with Bio Activated Aloe Water and Glycerine this cooling face mist will help to quench your skins thirst whilst restoring essential moisture levels in the skin.

Red Always Wins

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If I’ve learnt anything about how to conceal the hangover from hell over the last few years. it’s that red lipstick always wins in terms of creating a distraction against a tired hungover appearance. Charlotte Tilbury's K.I.S.S.I.N.G Love Bite, £24 is the perfect red hue for all skin tones. Enriched with UV protection and light - diffusing pigments, this lipstick helps to create a full - bodied pout which will immediately help to draw all attention to your lips before anywhere else, and ultimately conquer your Christmas work party hangover in true style.