How To Create Stunning Eye Makeup Looks With Just Two Products

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Makeup enthusiasts such as ourselves can’t help but experiment with a variety of looks. We’re addicted to trying new products, experimenting with new eye makeup and reading up on the barrage of information available online. It comes as no surprise that our obsession leaves us with an overflowing beauty cabinet - it’s painful to give up on even a single product! So we decided it was time to simplify our beauty life, after all it is the way some of the most successful people in the world live. According to Mark Zuckerberg, he wears the same outfit every single day of the week so that he doesn't waste deciding what clothes to wear. Even the brilliant Apple founder, Steve Jobs, was always found sporting a black turtleneck, blue jeans and flip flops. Taking cue from these tech geniuses, we’ve decided to help you cut down on the number of makeup products you use daily. Here are gorgeous eye makeup techniques you can use to create stunning looks when you’re left with only two products - it’s time to get creative!

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Forget your mascara and keep your eyeliner away because all you need for this particular look are two shades of eyeshadows and a little bit of blending skills. Since we know you don’t want the makeup smearing halfway through the night, start by generously applying a primer all over your eyelid. Next, apply a light, bright, shimmery shade of gold all over your eyelid. For this we love using Shishiedo’s Shimmering Cream Eyecolour £22.00. To create the shadowed cat eyes, apply a darker toned colour - a product that blends in seamlessly is Armani’s Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow # 02 Lust £27.04 as its light formula easily glides on and stays all night. If you're having trouble blending, our go-to trick is to use a Q-tip to smudge and create the perfect shadow.

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Another way you can maximise on a product is by creating a whole new hue by blending together two varied shades. For this look, work with NARS’ Colour Single Eyeshadow Ondine £16.50 and Dior’s Diorshow Mono Limited Edition Christmas Mirror, Female Fusion £26.00. To achieve the gorgeous look, apply the darker shade over your entire eyelid, following it up by using the white shade in the inner crease of your eye and using a medium-sized round makeup brush to blend. The tricky part about this look is blending the two colours at the crease. An easy trick for that is to use a small-sized makeup brush and move it in small circles inwards. It will help you achieve that soft look that gives the effect of the light colour fading into the dark one. This look goes perfectly well with a dark, heavy-toned lip.

Learning the art of using lesser products isn’t just about simplifying our beauty regime. With our fast paced lives we often find ourselves doing our makeup on the go and since it’s impossible to carry along our entire makeup kit, these are the tips and tricks that come in handy during emergency situations. Master these tricks and looks to ensure you look fabulous all day, everyday.

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