How To Create The Perfect Makeup Kit

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One of the best things about being a woman, is getting to play with makeup. From a young age, I’ve loved everything about beauty, from powders to polishes and creams to perfumes, the world of beauty fascinates me. Having sensitive skin and having an obsession with beauty used to be a bad combination for my skin as I would often have reactions to certain products and get terribly dry skin on my face.

Using the right products from a sensitive skin care brand and brands that cater for all skin types is important when building your makeup kit. Whether you’re a makeup artist or a makeup novice wanting to create the perfect little kit to get them started.

Combatting skin concerns like dry skin on the face with nourishing products that enrich the face with nutrients whilst being free from parabens and man made chemicals will keep you sensitive skin calm and cool.

Lin & Lo is a great brand that has everything you’ll need to create your very own makeup kit. From brushes to moisturising bases, lipglosses and they’re all suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.

Here’s your very own shopping list to get the makeup kit that won’t irritate your skin.

The Moisturising Base is for those that suffer from dry skin on their face, this primer is great at injecting moisture into sensitive, dry skin and is tacky enough for any foundations and concealers to stick to.

Whether you’re a fan of Moisturising Liquid Foundation applied with the Perfect Base Brush or Mineral Powder Foundation, they have both to suit everyone’s preferences. The beauty of them - you can mix your own personal shade as they’re highly pigmented and easily blendable.

To erase any dark circles or imperfections, use the Cream Corrector with the Perfect Concealer Brush for a perfectly flawless coverage.

Set & bake your makeup with the Mineral Loose Powder for an even matte finish, applied with a Large Powder Brush. The loose powder is full of rich nutrients which permeate the skin whilst allowing it to breath, making it perfect for any skin type. Use a darker shade than your natural skin tone with the Contouring Brush to give you killer cheekbones.

No look is complete without feathered or ombre brows which you can create with a simple Brow Pencil and Eyebrow Brush to blend it out into a softer look.

Going for a more natural makeup look, a Satin Lipstick and a touch of Liquid Lipgloss will bring you endless possibilities throughout spring and summer.

Adding Instant Love Mascara and finishing with a dramatic Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner or Eyeliner Pencil will give you the perfect makeup kit that’s suitable for both sensitive skin and not affect the dry skin on your face.

For help finding makeup to create your very own makeup kit that’s suitable for your skin type and helps address your skin concerns, take our beauty quiz to receive personalised recommendations.