How To Fake A Boob Job In Under 5 Minutes

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We’ve all been there – worn uncomfortably small, padded bras to give our chest some serious lift, wrestled with boob tape in order to keep things perky, even paraded around town with the fear of cutlets falling out of our tops. And all for the illusion of bigger breasts. But what if you could get a fuller chest without having to drive yourself mad with constant readjusting?

J-Lo does it, Minaj loves it, even Kim K has a special makeup artist on hand to create this latest beauty trend. Contouring your cleavage has become so common, it’s basically a routine application. However if like me, contouring your own face seems intimidating but are still curious, start practising the following top makeup tips on your cleavage – strange, but an easier canvas!

Now I certainly don’t need to enhance my bust (thanks to the woman in M&S lingerie that informed me that I had been wearing the wrong bra size for years), but I couldn’t help but wonder… does contouring your cleavage really work?

A top makeup tip is to use matte products from the collection you already have. So to perfect the perkiness, here are four quick steps to ensure a fool-proof bosom without breaking the bank:

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Like an underwire bra, create the optical illusion of an overwire. Using a great online beauty buy like Becca's Ombre Nudes Eye Palette from £34, draw crescent moons in a dark brown colour with a tapered brush like the Bareminerals Tapered Shadow Brush from £10.49 right above your natural curves – start in between, then over to the top of your chest. Afterwards make sure to blur the lines with the help of a sturdy buffing brush with a great online beauty buy like the Real Techniques Your Finish/Perfected Stippling Brush from £9.30.

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To add more depth, another top makeup tip is to use a matte bronzer a few shades darker than your natural skin tone and blend in the eyeshadow. Remember that you want to create shades of different tones, not distinct lines, with the help of an online beauty buy like Smashbox's Lights Bronzer Deep Matte from £25.

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Finally, create the finishing touches to a fuller cleavage with an online beauty buy like TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Luminizer from £14. To perfect this latest beauty trend, use a highlighter to dust the powder in to the centre of the top half of each curve, and presto – even lovelier lady lumps in under 5 minutes!

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If you’re interested in more long-lasting results, give your bust a boost with Clarins’ Model’Bust, an online beauty buy from £92. Last year, the brand celebrated 60 years in beauty with the relaunch of their “natural bra”. The hydromassage device is used in the shower and tones your breasts by mimicking the moving current of the sea, which in turn keeps them firm.

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