How To Fake The Fetching Pregnancy Glow

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Pregnancy skincare can be a minefield. We have the top maternity tips to help you fake that gorgeous glow, especially when you are feeling more green than gorgeous.

Sometimes pregnancy is mind blowing. From feeling your baby to realising that you have created this tiny human being (almost) all by yourself. Other times however I’ve watched pregnant friends turn green at the sight of eggs, unable to leave the bathroom, bedridden as the slightest movement can render them sick for days and downright miserable without the thought of a glass of ice cold pinot for the next 9 months. These restrictions, nausea and hormonal fluctuations can not only get you down, but also send your skin haywire. Far from the promised fetching “pregnancy glow” your pregnancy skin care routine can actually leave your cheeks, blemished, oily, flaky, and far from glowing (unless you count the nauseous sweat). However, we are here to help, with 5 pregnancy proof skin care and beauty products to put the glow back into your skin with these pregnancy skin care and beauty hacks that will leave you looking better than ever, even if you don’t feel it.

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1. The Fetching “Pregnancy' Glow

Ensure that you are glowing in all the right ways, with a highlighter than will make even the wanes skin feel dewy and luminescent (even after a bout of morning sickness) RMS Living Luminizer is a vegan highlighting balm that will instantly add a youthful, dewy glow to the skin without a hint of stickiness.

2. Keep It Clean

Pregnancy hormones can not only make you cry at the drop of a hat, but can also provide you with skin that’s just as sensitive, or blemished...Take it easy on your super sensitive skin but ensure you incorporate a weekly mask into your pregnancy skin care routine to keep skin calm as possible.Cowshed’s Palmarosa Revitalising Face Mask is formulated from pregnancy safe natural ingredients including skin clearing kaolin clay and soothing almond oil to leave your skin fresh and clear.

3. Conceal Is Your Best Friend

The aforementioned hormones can cause blemishes of volcanic proportions despite you notched up pregnancy skin care routines. If this is the case then makeup sure you have a heavy duty, easy to use concealer to hand to cover up any pesky blemishes as soon as they appear. Face Stockholm Blemish and Capillary Corrective Concealer is a creamy, easy to blend formula that covers all matter of imperfections from red pimples to seriously sleep averted purple eye bags.

4. Add Bronze

Self tan is no longer off limits when pregnant. Green People OY Soft Glow Gradual Tan is a no nasties gradual tanner than will perk up your skin and give you a radiant glow. Also if you have got the the stage when you’re finding it hard to reach certain parts the gradual tan will make any accidental missed bits none too obvious with its gentle, gradual formula.

5. A Pop Of Colour Goes A Long Way

A bright lipstick is my go to fair safe makeup for when I need an instant lift and it can work for you mamas to be too. An orangey red colour will give you instant warmth and add vibrancy to your complexion and makeup it look like you’ve spent far longer getting ready that you actually have. NEW Clinique POP Glaze lip colour and primer in fireball is my absolute new favorite for an instant hit of colour. The added lipstick-slash-primer formulation means it outlasts even the longest of days (or lunches).