Are You Using The Right Body Scrub?

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As the weather gets warmer and our sleeves become shorter, it’s only right that our beauty regime should also embrace a swift change for the Summer season.

Daily moisturisers shift towards a more fully focused SPF regime, hair lotions lean towards repairing post holiday hair and body treatments just about cater to every fixable flaw, but before you work towards any body treatment whether it may be the chore of hair removal or banishing cellulite, your first thought should be whether to prep your skin with a body scrub or not.

Often deemed to be an one of those take it or leave it tasks, the art of body scrubbing generally brings the following words to mind: time consuming but worth it. After all who would have thought that a bit of body scrubbing could wake up our body circulation quicker than an espresso and prolong post hair removal skin that extra mile?

The pros to body scrubbing are making a name for themselves now more than ever before, but with so many body scrub options available should you be using a coffee, sugar, salt or creamy body scrub? We put all four to the test to find out.

Coffee Scrub

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The rise of coffee infused body scrubs may only be a recent phenomenon but the perks to them have already made their mark. Adored by many for their self awakening properties and natural caffeine extracts, coffee scrubs are every beauty lovers answer to softer silkier skin. Whether you want to satisfy your caffeine cravings or just give you body an extra dose of TLC Frank Body's Original Coffee Scrub, £13 has it all, infused with sweet almond oil, vitamin e and sea salt this crumbly coffee scrub is the perfect start to an early rise.

Creamy Body Scrub

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Intensely creamy body scrubs are not only perfect for providing moisture deprived, dehydrated skin with a sense of nourishment, they're also great as a gentle body scrub alternative for sensitive skin. We're currently loving L'occitane's Ultra Rich Body Scrub, £24 which combines shea butter, apricot oil and finely ground nutshells, to gently restore skin smoothness and leave your body feeling utterly pampered.

Salt Scrub

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Salt scrubs are often loved for the therapeutic benefits they offer to de-stress the mind, body and tired muscles which makes them another must have on our line up. Looking to detoxify your skin, polish your pins and boost your bodies circulation? REN's Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium Salt Scrub, £28 gets our vote! Simply slather onto dry skin and step into the bath or shower to intensify the benefits to this luxury body scrub.

Sugar Scrub

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Sugar scrubs are generally put in the same box as salt scrubs due to the crystallised particles they're made up of but they are in fact world's apart. Favoured for their impact which melts upon contact with the skin, sugar scrubs are naturally less drying than a salt scrub and a great way to go if you have senstive or dry skin or are looking to trial a body scrub for the first time. Nuxe's Rêve De Miel Body Scrub, £19.50 is a huge favourite of ours due to the honey, sugar crystals and precious oil extracts it combines to gently nourish skin, buff away dead skin cells and seal in skin goodness.

Finding the body scrub to treat your concerns couldn't be easier. Try taking our beauty quiz which will take all the guess work out for you and provide you with free, unbiased, personalised recommendations.