How To Find Your Fragrance Soulmate In Time For Valentine's

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The human body is blessed with 5 scintillating senses and at My Beauty Matches it is our ongoing mission to help you WOW every last one. The way you smell can often alert those around you to your arrival before they’ve seen you walk in the room, so we think your fragrance is one of the most important things to get right when making a strong first impression. However, with so many fragrances to choose from it can be a little overwhelming when trying to find your fragrance soul mate. To help you find “the one” in time for Valentine’s day we’ve put together our top fragrance selection tips and online beauty buys so you can make the right impression on that special someone this February.

When trying perfumes in store you need to bear in mind that a fragrance is made up of different notes; the top note is the first hit of fragrance, the heart notes make up the main body of the smell whilst base notes add depth to the fragrance. Base notes often won’t be detectable for the first 30 minutes, so when testing perfumes give some time in between spraying a fragrance and judging it to get an idea of the real scent. If you often find you go “nose-blind” after you’ve smelt the first few fragrances then a handy tip is to take a small amount of coffee granules with you. By rolling the grains in your hand and smelling the strong coffee smell you’ll essentially have a nasal cleanser (like sorbet for your nose) so you’ll be able to tell the difference between each perfume.

The Proust Phenomenon (or Odor-evoked autobiographical memory, if you want to be really fancy) is a term used to explain how smells can act as strong memory triggers. Ever worn a particular perfume while on holiday and then years later you smell it again and it takes you right back to that same place? Then you’ve experienced the Proust Phenomenon. If you want to make a lasting impression on a certain someone this Valentine’s day, picking the perfect perfume to remember you by is a smart way to go. However in order for it to suit you, it’s important you pick a fragrance that’s matched to your personality (and most importantly, which you actually like!). Here is our rough guide to finding your fragrance soulmate:

enter image description here You are - Dignified & Demure A fan of feminine dresses and ladylike etiquette you’re most suited to delicate floral scents with hints of musk, with extracts from jasmine, rose, lily and peony. Our fragrance matches:

enter image description here You are - Exotic & Spicy On a mission to impress, you’ll often be found sporting strappy stilettos and eye-catching lashes, so you need a sexy scent to complete your look. With hints of patchouli, amber and orange here are our fragrance matches:

enter image description here You are - Modern & Minimalist A fan of monochrome and the phrase “less-is-more”, you’re most suited to fragrance that’s clean, clear and refreshing including sandalwood and bergamot. Our fragrance matches:

enter image description here You are - Bold & Beautiful You’re the kind of person who likes people to know when you’ve entered the room, so what better way to announce your arrival than with a daring scent bursting with an opinion. Our fragrance matches:

If you’re still not sure which scent is suited to you, the easiest way to discover your perfect products is by taking our quick and free online questionnaire to gain access to your personalised fragrance matches.

Once you’ve discovered your perfect scent it’s important to look after it, as perfumes can last up to 36 months so it’s worth taking care. Always keep your fragrances in a cool dark place, as when left in direct sunlight the changing temperature extremes can cause the fragrance to spoil. Also remember to apply your perfume according to the strength of the fragrance. Eau de toilette means a concentration of approximately 5 – 10% essence and lasts longer than eau de colognes. Eau de parfum is typically 10 – 15% making it a stronger scent, but still lighter and more subtle than perfume. Perfume has the highest volume of 15 – 40% and should be used sparingly to avoid the “wall-of-fragrance” effect.

So now you’re ready to make a fragrant impression on someone this valentine’s with your perfect perfume. We love the opportunity to reinvent our signature fragrance each year, so why not take this opportunity to discover your next fragrance soulmate. With perfumes lasting up to 36 months we think it’s an investment well worth making, so long as you find the sensual scent that’s most suited to you.

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