How To Get Baby Soft Skin All Over

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When summer is right around the corner we all need to start prepping that perfect accessory which goes well with any outfit - lustworthy smooth skin from head to toe. With our summer wardrobe consisting of short shorts and slinky tops, we've currently made it our goal to flaunt gorgeously soft skin. To help you get started we’ve compiled a list of the top tips for healthy skin for beautiful skin, all summer long.

As we’re all aware that exfoliation is necessary to get the blood flowing and remove grime from your pores. However, if you pick the wrong exfoliation product can leave your skin dehydrated and flakey. Molton Brown’s Fiery Pink Pepper Pampering Body Polisher £34.00 contains black peppercorn and pink pepperpod that help eliminate dead cells, soften skin and awaken your senses. The treatment provides your skin a boost leaving it with a touchable creamy smoothness.

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For an all-natural, homemade treatment use a mixture of greek yogurt and granulated sugar and gently rub onto your body for 4-7 minutes. If you haven’t got time to whip up your own exfoliating recipe, one great online beauty buy is Burt's Bee Peach & Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub £11 which contains finely ground peach that exfoliates, while the willowbark helps remove excess oil.

For your face, if you’re on a lookout for a treatment that is entirely natural, safe and affordable then you must try this super nourishing honey mask. A mix of honey, greek yogurt and natural turmeric softens skin at an unprecedented speed. Honey’s antiseptic qualities combined with turmeric’s power to lighten up your skin results in a clearer, happier face. In case you’re unwilling to get into the hassle of a homemade mask then pick up Payot’s Techni Peel Masque Smoothing Peeling Mask £29.50 as it contains active ingredients that helps fight against all wrinkle-forming processes to brighten and even out your skin tone.

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If you want smooth skin from head to toe, using a nourishing moisturiser after a bath is a must and one great product available in the market is Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream £5.99 which contains jojoba oil and vitamin E that gently moisturises skin, leaving it feeling super soft. Women dealing with severe dry skin problems know that there is no better brand in the market that fights their battle for them than Cetaphil. The company’s products are legendary in winning fights against dry skin and Cetaphil’s Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion £14.15 is no different. Its creamy formula provides everyday intense moisture to extra dry sensitive skin.

Include these into your daily routine to see amazing results over time - always remember the work is half done if you don’t follow up your exfoliator with a super hydrating moisturiser. Use our skin care tips and tips and you will find yourself reaching for your shorter skirts and skimpy tops just so you can flaunt all your hard work.

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