How To Get Firmer, Leaner Limbs This Spring

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With my wedding just 2 months away, I’m panicking a little that my arms and legs may still have a little wobble to them, despite my best efforts to trim down for the big day. Looking your best and being comfortable in the body you have is very important on your wedding day, and I must admit I’ve piled on a few pounds since being in a long term relationship. But hey, it happens.

Coming to the end of my pre-wedding workout and lifestyle change (I fail at diets so try not to use that term), I’m starting to look for natural beauty products that can help me firm up my upper arms and legs in time for my big day.

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The reason I want to keep it natural, rather than looking for products with chemicals in (although they could potentially speed up the process or have more of an impact), is that in an attempt to get my skin glowing and as radiant as possible before the big day, I’m trying to stay away from chemicals and stick to natural beauty products where possible, just in case my skin reacts badly.

Vetia Mare is one of those brands whose products you just can’t wait to get on your skin. It oozes luxury and has that herby, natural scent so you know it will do wonders to your skin. Having firm, smooth skin and being completely relaxed before my big day is my top priority so I’ve been concentrating on my well-being so that I look and feel my best. Having tried out a range of Vetia Mare’s products, as well as a few from their sister brand Vetia Floris, it’s hard to ignore the results you get when using luxury natural beauty products, especially those created with the flowers and sea minerals from the Swiss Alps and Lakes.

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I’m going to be trying out the Firming Body Lotion as it promises to enhance my body’s well-being and correspond to its physiological rhythm. Using micro algae and seaweed, which have proven plumping benefits, to improve the skin’s elasticity and reduce the skin’s fat accumulation to tone and firm up those arms and legs. It also promises to prevent and reduce visible cellulite, which will be a win-win on anyone’s wedding night.

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The substances within this luxury body lotion are derived from the ocean and also help inject some much needed moisture into the skin for spring and summer time when you’re going to be showing some more flesh. Leaving a smooth, refined skin tone and texture, this natural beauty product is going to work absolute wonders. If you're worried about dry skin, their 24h Dry Skin Cream to keep your skin nourished and glowing.

With 2 months to go, let us hope algae and seaweed can be my answer to a happily ever after.

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