How To Get Gorgeous Beach Waves Without The Stickiness!

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Getting that effortless, just stepped-off-the-set-of-a-bond-film beachy waves takes surprisingly amount of effort. Unless you are of course a bonafide surfer or happen to live next door to Bondi beach or similar. The rest of us however, have to put some effort into looking so casually undone.

However often with many salt sprays and texturising products you are left with sticky, crunchy curls that just look tangled instead of surfer cool. There really is an art to getting that easy, breezy look bang on. With an abundance of salt sprays on the market it can be hard to pick and let’s face it, down right expensive if you get it wrong.

Enter the ultimate texturising, surfer girl, gorgeous, mermaid esq, beachy wave forming products from beach-hair favourites, the Bumble and Bumble surf range.

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First up, I love big hair! Nothing makes you feel as good a bouncy, voluminous hair! And post beach, my normally wavy locks are actually something to be proud. However away from the beach, London’s less salty tap water can leave them a little limp. So when I find a texturiser that really works, it’s life changing.

*For Everyone: *First Up is the original Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. Penned as salt enriched spray for sexy, windswept beachy waves. Hands down I can agree this is the BEST salt spray I have ever tried. It works best if you apply it to damp hair and then scrunch and blow-dry hair upside-down. Once upright, then hello beach Goddess! FYI my hair is pretty thick so to get volume that actually lasts deserves some serious kudos. As to get any type of lift or texture is a huge result for me. You get waves so worthy that if I was an extra 6 inches taller I would be a shoo in for Victoria's secret next bikini shoot for certain. Also the formula soaks up the oil so I found that my hair lasted for an extra day with no need for any dry shampoo either.

For a Touchable Beach wave: Just when you thought Bumble and Bumble couldn't get any better. They recently launched this hair game changer, Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion. This is ideal for those who want beach hair but hate not being able to run their fingers though it. The combination of sea salt and oil leave you waves billowy and soft but still gorgeous and beachy. This product is ideal for those with coarser, drier hair as the added hydrating benefits of an oil keep it touchably soft. Spritz on the Surf Infusion and simply letting your hair air dry, or pop it up into a loose bun and shake out when dry like the Baywatch babe you are. I mean you get serious volume but styling it is easy, snag free and it’s totally appropriate for work.

For Consistent Body & Volume: Love the effect of using a salt spray but find the effects can be drying to your hair over time? Enter Bumble and Bumble Surf Shampoo and Bumble and Bumble Surf Creme Conditioner. You only have to open the lids to be transported to a tropical beach.

This duo offer 'buoyant body' with a formula packed with minerals, epsom salts and minerals to remove product buildup that can weigh hair down, without drying it out. The conditioning creme moisturises and detangles and isn’t at all heavy. Ideal for summer when you can find hair getting limp as soon as you step out the door. I tried this as a wash and go job no drying, sneaky scrunching or after products. An hour later I wafted into work in a cloud of fresh mineral scent, my natural waves looked boosted and glossy without a touch of frizz in sight. This will definitely be my summer shampoo and conditioner of choice.

Turns out there is an even easier way to achieve beachy hair than taking a dip in the ocean every morning, and unless you live there it’s airfare free too!

Get your beach goddess on with Bumble And Bumble Now.

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