How To Get Kylie Jenner's Lips WITHOUT Surgery

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Since Kylie Jenner admitted to having lip fillers back in 2015, as well as enhancing other assets, to reinvent her whole look, women everywhere have been reaching for the needles and knives of cosmetic surgeons to recreate her plumped up creaseless lip look. But we’re here to tell you that there’s an easier, cheaper and less invasive way to plump lips and get rid of wrinkles in your lips to get the infamous Jenner/Kardashian pout.

Since discovering the Swiss dermo-cosmetic brand Fillerina, we’ve been in awe of the results their needless fillers produce. Containing a mixture of six hyaluronic acids, this two dose lip filler roll-on will fill and plump your lips in just one month. Designed to deeply penetrate the skin’s surface to leave your lips creaseless and fuller, the different molecules within the Lip Volume Filler Treatment will get you looking like a Kardashian in no time.

As a roll-on, the application of this dermo-cosmetic lip enhancer can’t be easier. All you need to do is roll the small metal ball over your lips to give you a cool, refreshing tingling feeling while it is evenly applied. To get maximum results, you will need to use the roller up to 5 times per day, covering both lips and wait a few minutes before applying lipgloss or lipstick while it soaks into your lips.

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To combat the potentially drying effect of your lips following application of the gel, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water throughout the course of treatment and keep a good lip balm or moisturiser to hand like this Youth Enhancing Plumping Lip Balm by Bee Good which is full of natural beeswax and propolis to keep lips soft and smooth as well as getting rid of wrinkles on and around your lips.

You should start to see results after 2-3 weeks and see your beautiful new pout after the full 4- week treatment. Then you’ll have Instagram-worthy lips and be able to wear the Huda Beauty Lip Contour and Matte Lipsticks without it cracking due to the lines on your lips.

If you’re looking for a non-invasive, needle-free treatment to plump your lips, this is certainly an easy and affordable way to get lips like Kylie Jenner, get rid of wrinkles on and around your lips and overall, get kissable, plump lips for Valentine’s Day your friends will be envious of!

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