How To Get Perfect Brows In 7 Simple Steps

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How to shape my eyebrows” is a common theme in the My Beauty Matches Office. Our eyebrow game is gaining momentum and doesn't look like it’s going anywhere fast. You name it, we’ve tried it in the quest for perfect brows. From microblading eyebrows, to brow gel, pencils, and tinting. Oh, and regrowth serum of course for those who got over zealous with tweezers in their teens.

We all know that the reason for this trend, is that a good eyebrow can change your face, (in a good way). They can narrow or widen a face and lift a tired eye, making you look younger if done right.

It doesn't matter if you want your brows arched and feathered or straight and bold, we all agree on one thing, Fullness.

So without further ado, follow these easy steps on how to shape your eyebrows for perfect fullness, that looks natural and will give others serious brow envy. With no need for pain inducing hair transplant or going under the tattoo needle. Read our review on semi permanent makeup

How to shape your eyebrows step 1: Brush them up

Brush your eyebrow hairs upwards with a spoolie brush to see where they need filling in. Start at the inner corner (next to your nose) and work outwards to the tail. Trim any hairs that are excessively long with some scissors.

How to shape your eyebrows step 2: Gently Tweeze any strays

Now, we are not going crazy with the tweezers here, they are simply giving you a clean start. The front of your brow should sit flush with the bridge of your nose, any hairs that are creeping towards the middle get tweezed.

Find the end of your brow by laying your tweezers against your cheek bottom against your nostril and top of your tweezers next to the outer corner of your eye. The spot where your tweezers and eyebrow would intersect is where your brows should stop. Pluck the hairs beyond this line, along with any strays under the arch.

Top tip: step back from the mirror occasionally, when you work too close you can lose perspective.

How to shape your eyebrows step 3: Shading them in

The main trick when shading eyebrows is not to start at the inner brow.. If you do that you end up with a harsh, blocky brow that looks far from natural. Use a fine pencil such as Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Define Pencil using short dash like strokes to fill in the sparse spots. Don’t just colour them in like you are filling between the lines.

Top Tip: If you have pale or blonde eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil that’s 1-2 shades darker than your natural colour, to prevent you from looking washed out.

How to shape your eyebrows step 4: Add Powder

Use an angled brush, like the sleek Chanel Angled Brow Brush and a similarly colored brow powder such as Lord & Berry Eyebrow Shadow to add definition. Again don’t block out the middle part- Lego brows are a no no.

How to shape your eyebrows step 5: Brush your brows (again)

Brush through with your spoolie brush to blend and soften any harsh lines caused by the powder.

How to shape your eyebrows step 6: Set Your brows

Finish with clear brow gel, Nars Brow Gel in Piraeus is one of the best I’ve found for stayimg power, it stops any stray brow hairs escaping all day.

How to shape your eyebrows step 7: Add Translucent Powder

Use a fluffy brush to buff translucent powder like Laura Mercier Translucent Pressed Powder around the edges of your eyebrows to make them look clean and sharp.

There you have it. Or should that be them - Perfect brows to be proud of.

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