How To Get Perfect Hands

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Whether you’re holding onto a loved one, typing away on you MacBook (ahem) or curling your eyelashes - our hands play a significant part of our lives and get used from the smallest to the largest tasks. But unless you’re a hand model, taking care of them has probably never been a major concern. For healthy, soft hands you don’t necessarily need to devote special time to them, it’s all about picking up a few daily habits that take up no time. Here’s a list of easy tips on how to strengthen your nails and get baby-soft hands:

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

Using a hydrating moisturiser 4-5 times a day is imperative if you’re in pursuit of soft, supple hands. To help you remember to use it the trick is to keep travel sized tubes in multiple places - carry a small bottle in your handbag, keep one at your office desk and one on your nightstand. When you’re out and about, spotting it around will automatically encourage you to use the moisturiser more often. Shea Butter Hand Cream £8.00 by L’occitane is an amazing product to use everyday - its non-sticky cream easily melts on your skin. The presence of ingredients such as shea butter, honey and almond extract help immensely if you're battling with cracked skin.

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Quick Manicure

Thanks to our jam-packed lives, it’s hard to make time for a luxurious salon visit for a much-needed nail spa. To ensure that your nails always appear freshly manicured, give yourself a express pamper session right at home. Start by removing all traces of old nail polish and then soak your hand in warm water for 2-5 minutes (depending on how much time you have.) Once you’ve clipped, filed and buffed your nails use Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab Oil £6.95 to help improve your nail strength. It contains jasmine and rose extracts which help replenish cuticles. keeping them healthy and nourished. Finally, carefully apply a your chosen hue of nail paint, making sure to get the brush to the corners of the nail for a salon-like finish.

Nail Care

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If you've been wondering about how to strengthen nails to avoid unsightly flaking, then there are several products in the market that come to our rescue. Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream Intensive Moisturising Hand Cream £26.00 is an intensive moisturising cream that helps protect your cuticles and at the same time keeps your hands baby soft. Another product that is worth investing in is Dr Hauschka’s Neem Nail And Cuticle Oil £25.50. The serum contains Neem leaf extract that helps nails regain their strength by providing a super strong protection.

If you’re ever in a need of an emergency overnight hand mask, apply copious amounts of Burt’s Bees Hand Salve on your cuticles. Sleep with your hands covered in cotton gloves and you’ll wake up to beautifully hydrated, smooth hands. The secret on how to strengthen your nails and soften your skin is making subtle changes in your lifestyle that ultimately show big results. With our hands fighting external aggressors every single day it's not the easiest task to keep them looking perfect, but with these hand care tips and tricks you're sure to have the softest hands around.

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