How To Get Rid of Acne

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Acne is an extremely common skin condition with many teenagers, women and men suffering from it worldwide. With so many acne treatments available, from high street spot treatments to facials, antibiotics and laser treatments, it is hard to know which is the best acne treatment for you. So, if you are feeling slightly overwhelmed, My Beauty Matches is here to help. We have put together this post with a range of options for you.

Option 1

Facials are a great place to start when treating acne. They will not only target the existing spots, but they will work deep into your skin to start treating spots that may be waiting to arise. The facials will also help with getting rid of acne scars, by speeding up the fading process. Salicylic peel and a modified jessner peel are two different facials geared towards getting rid of acne, one targeting the spots themselves and the other concentrating on getting rid of acne scars.

Salicylic acid facials are a great treatment to get rid of acne, exfoliating your skin and decreasing inflammation. Salons use up to 30% more than what would normally be put into skin care products. Regular salicylic acid facials will help remove black heads and white heads, diminish fine lines and help get rid of acne in the long term. This facial works by removing the dead skin cells and stopping the production of excess oil, making it a very effective acne treatment. This may seem like a very abrasive treatment but it can be done on sensitive skins as well as oily or acne prone skin. If used in conjunction with an acne treatment routine, a salicylic facial will help get rid of acne over time.

The Murad acne treatment range has a small but powerful amount of Salicylic acid in all the products to help you get rid of acne safely and effectively. The Burts Bees Acne Solution range is a cheaper and natural alternative, but it still has that all powerful salicylic acid.

How to get rid of acne scars is another question often asked by the majority of acne sufferers and this is unfortunately the bit that will take the longest. Acne scars often take a long time to fade, however there are treatments that can help speed up the process and get rid of acne scars faster.

A modified jessner peel is highly effective in getting rid of acne scars as well as whiteheads, blackheads, mila, fine lines and even razor bumps. It is ideal for people requiring a much deeper peel than normal and is suitable for most skin types. However, those with a darker skin tone should be careful as there is a case that this treatment could add to your existing scarring. If you have active acne you will need more treatments over a three to four week period.

If the modified jessner peel is too extreme for you then there are products available which will gradually help to remove acne scars. Such as the Caudalie Vinoperfect range which is said to be an impressive 2 times more effective than normal vitamin C! Alternatively, the Alpha - H Liquid Gold Radiance is another useful product with contains various ingredients to fade scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Option 2

Option number two is laser treatment. This is a good acne treatment as a last resort or instead of medication. Acne laser treatments work in the way that most antibiotics do - by destroying the bacteria which contributes to acne without affecting the surrounding area - but they do so in half the time. Another benefit of this kind of acne treatment is that it also helps to get rid of acne scars. Normally one or two courses will be needed to achieve the full effect.

Option 3

The third option you have in treating your acne is medication. There have been good and bad things said about going on medication as a way of treating acne. Whilst things like the pill and Accutane have had negative feedback, they have also proven to be highly effective in many cases. The medication will not only help to get rid of your acne but it will also help fade acne scarring. We recommend that you consult a dermatologist to find out what would be best for you.

Option 4

Your last and easiest option is your diet. A lot of the time acne can occur as a type of reaction to certain foods or drinks, or just as a result of a bad eating habit in general. The good news is it is simple and will not cost a lot to rectify - just eat a well balanced diet and make water your new best friend!

So now you have a bit more knowledge on what treatments are available both at home and in the salon to help treat acne prone skin and fade any acne scars. For the products and treatments to take full effect, they must be used on a regular basis. Remember, there is no miracle treatment for acne, so you may have to use the products and treatments mentioned in conjunction with other things.

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