How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs For Good

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Ingrown hairs are a pesky part of life and the bad news is if you practice just about any form of hair removal it's likely you'll experience a few in your life time. They occur as a result of hair curling back into the skin rather than appearing on the surface and as the hair continues to grow the bump gets bigger. You might have tried multiple ways of getting rid of them in the past from squeezing to digging them out with a needle, but what's the best way to remove these irritating hairs without causing our skin more damage? Today we're covering the top tips for how to get rid of ingrown hairs and explain which online beauty buys are the best at preventing them appearing in the first place.

Many ingrown hairs will simply appear as an innocent bump that doesn't cause pain or discomfort, but they can be unsightly which is why many of us are so eager to get them gone. However digging these hairs out with a needle or squeezing the skin within an inch of its life is only going to leave you with a bigger, more unsightly blemish so it's important to deal with the issue as gently as possible. If you can see the hair near the surface of the skin, sometimes it can be possible to loop under the hair with a fine pin or tweezer and gently encourage it out from the skin. Using a very fine pair of tweezers like the Ingrown Hair Splintertweeze from Tweezerman £19.95 can make life a lot easier by giving precision. If this is still proving difficult placing a warm press such as a hot flannel can soften the skin and bring the hair closer to the surface.

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There are also many topical solutions to ingrown hairs such as certain acids which gently exfoliate skin, preventing ingrown hairs from occurring in the first place by gently buffing away the dead skin which can cause hairs to get stuck. One of my favourite preventative treatments is the Ingrow Go solution from Skin Doctors £9.15 which uses Glycolic Acid to resurface the skin and reduce the emergence of ingrown hairs. For reducing inflammation a great ingredient to look for is Salicylic Acid which comes from tree bark and is the key ingredient in Aspirin. One of the most popular products on the market containing this redness-reducing salicylic acid is the Avene Akerat Body Cream £15.00 which nourishes the skin whilst soothing inflammation.

If you find you're getting ingrown hairs a lot it could be because your skin can't tolerate the method of hair removal you're currently using. Shaving is one of the worst culprits for causing ingrown hairs and shaving bumps so if you think the razor might be getting your skin down why not try one of our many, effective hair removal creams. One of the most kind-to-skin options available is the Sensitive Hair Removal Cream from Nair £11.39 which gently removes hair in just 5 minutes whilst ylang-ylang and camellia oils nourish the skin.

Hair removal can be a difficult aspect of your skin care routine to get right, with many uncomfortable side effects if you don't get it perfect every time. However with these useful tips on how to get rid of ingrown hairs and top online beauty buys for soothing irritated skin, nasty bumps and razor rashes will be thing of the past.

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