How To Get The Longest Lashes Of Your Life

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We started the year with a simple wish list - bushier brows, clearer skin and lashes than can put Kim Kardashian's to shame. So today we present to you ‘The Beginner’s Guide To Getting The Longest Lashes Of Your Life’. With even with a little bit of plumping to the small little hairs, you can dramatically enhance your look. Longer lashes open up your eyes making them look bigger and fresher and the best part? No eyelash growth serums or enhancers needed - we’re simply talking about using the expert makeup tips with some top online beauty buys.

For a dramatic effect it's easy to use fake lashes but putting them on every morning can be tedious. For easy everyday lashes you need a quick routine which boils down to expert makeup tips and a few dependable tools. Here’s our step-by-step guide to achieving envy-worthy lashes:

1. Never Skip The Curler

Before the mascara does its magic, an eyelash curler is one of the simplest tools which helps give your lashes an extra lift. Pro tip: using your blow dryer, slightly heat the curler first, then gently clasp your lashes with it and count to 15. This requires a little bit of patience but I promise it's worth the effort.

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2. Choosing The Right Products

Picking up the perfect primer and mascara takes some thought and the best option can be different from one person to the next. A dependable primer I've come to love is Clinique’s Lash Building Primer £13.50 which effectively stops mascara clumping and ensures it stays on longer. If you're not sure which primer is right for you, try taking our quick and free online beauty quiz to discover your lash-perfecting partner in crime.

If you're looking to get maximum length then large-sized, long-bristled brushes can be the best mascara shape, however depending on the size and shape of your eyes it can vary. Also non-waterproof mascaras can be better for avoiding the panda eye effect as they tend to be lighter and clump up less, but if you think tears might be on the horizon it may be best to stick the stronger stuff. Two mascaras that check all the right boxes in my book are Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara £19.50 and Urban Decay’s Mascara Perversion £17.50. They lay on smoothly and their luscious brushes ensure your eyelashes get the volume boost they need.

3. How to Apply Mascara

For bigger, better and thicker results you need to get your technique right. Once you’re done applying the primer, give it a minute to settle before starting with your top lashes. Then, using the mascara of your choice, coat the top layer generously, starting with the inner most part of your eye and working your way to the out and give it a minute to set before applying the second layer. For a the big bright eyes effect carefully repeat the same on the lower lashes, avoiding smearing in onto your cheeks by accident (trust me, we've all done it). If you find it difficult to get the outermost lashes with a big brush, you might want a mascara with smaller bristles for the lower lashes like this (Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara £12.15). Finally at the end of a long hard day use a gentle but effective makeup remover like Bobbi Brown's Eye Make-Up Remover £18.00 to effectively wipe away all traces of makeup.

By following these expert makeup tips using the best online beauty buys to suit your individual needs, you can get the longest lashes of your life without the need for fiddly falsies. There's nothing wrong with rocking your natural lashes on a daily basis, but sometimes it's fun to give your lashes a glamorous boost.

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