How To: Suns Out (messy) Bun's Out!

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There is a fine line between looking like you’ve thrown your second day hair into a greasy bun and a effortless-yet-chic messy up do. Then there is also that situation when you work on your hair for an hour but end up with a mess and no bun. Any professional hairstylist will tell you that it is an art to perfect this carelessly chic look. Simply tossing your hair in a bun clearly reveals that you didn't have time to wash your hair, let alone style them - but some simple hacks can convince people otherwise. To help you steer clear of any similar (unfortunate) situations, here’s a lowdown on how to create the perfect messy bun.

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Post wash, add a little extra bounce to your mane, and apply TIGI Bed Head’s Superfuel Elasticate Strengthening Conditioner For Weak Hair £9.50. Leave it on for a few extra minutes than you usually would and you’ll be left with hair that is stronger and healthier looking. As for a reliable shampoo, Kérastase Elixir Ultime Huile Lavante Bain £15.30 is a product that works amazingly on all hair types, helping you achieve glamour worthy results. This oil-enriched shampoo provides the most luxurious cleansing experience and has you feeling like royalty. It provides protection, nutrition and resistance, helping your tresses flourish and leaving them feeling rich to the touch with a lustrous shine that no other product can achieve. In case you are hard pressed for time, skip this step entirely and use the ever-dependable dry shampoo. Aussie’s Dry Shampoo Colour Mate £3.99 uses extracts of Australian jojoba seeds to keep your hair clean and protected from a loss of colour whilst giving it a boost of moisture and bounce. The reason this step is important is that it gives your tresses a lovely texture and helps them look fresh.

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Next, using your hands, create a tight ponytail. Before using a rubber band to tie it up, twist the pony tail into a bun, by tucking the end of the hair below the bun. Once you have wrapped your hair into a lose updo, use enough pins to keep it in place. If you want to ensure that this look remains stylish through the evening, finish it by spritzing on some flexible spray. After all the hard work, it’s heartbreaking to glance at yourself and see that your hairstyle has come undone - and you’ve barely made it through half the night!

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If you’re one of those people whose mane simply refuse to obey, then invest in Fortnum & Mason’s Oribe Superfine Hairspray £28.50. Unlike hairsprays that visibly harden your hair, this one is a sheer, dry, working hairspray have delivers a high-performance finished look. We love that it gives us flexible, brushable and shiny-soft control. Another product you could pick up is Reshapable Spray £5.99 by d:fi as it creates an invisible layer when sprayed on your hair but hands over flexible styling and restyling power to you.

When you’re working on this hairstyle never worry about it looking too neat - the perfect messy bun always has “carelessly” strewn strands falling around. A gorgeously styled hairstyle isn't the easiest goal to achieve, however if you follow our top beauty tips you can bid farewell to repeated, failed attempts and say hello to stunning hair.

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