How to Get Tousled Beach Waves

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Lusting after tousled tresses a la Giselle, but no plans to hit the beach any time soon? It’s much easier to achieve at home than you think, trust us! Ditch the hair straighteners, grab the styling cream and by following these simple tricks, watch your hair transform into textured, voluptuous locks that are sure to give anyone in sight major hair envy.

First things first, use some sea salt spray like this one from John Frieda which is perfect for achieving relaxed waves without drying out the hair or encouraging frizz. Spray generously all over damp or dry hair whilst scrunching the tips and then apply a small amount of styling cream just on the ends to give the waves some extra hold and add a little shine. Once that is done, twist small sections of hair in different directions until most of your hair is done and tie all these sections into a messy bun high up at the back of your head. Remember, this doesn’t have to be neat or precise. You’re going for that effortless, just got out of bed look

After you’ve done this, simply sit back, relax and wait 10-20mins for the sea salt spray to get to work. Fill the time painting your nails or catching up on the latest episode on Netflix (Orange is the New Black is a personal fave!) and when the times up all that’s left is to undo your bun and let down those gorgeous, beach waves. For some finishing touches, run your hands through any tangles whilst spritzing some hairspray, scrunch the top to add some oomph and there you have it, you’re good to go.