How To Give Yourself A Facial At Home

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Getting a professional facial can be a great way to unwind and treat your skin. However, it can cost you an arm and a leg, especially if you want 1 every weekend. That’s where an effective cleanser, good face masks and scrubs can come in particularly useful. We tell you how to give yourself a facial so you can save those pennies and treat yourself to pamper days at home.

If you want to know how to give yourself a facial at home, it is important that you gather together all the essentials. This includes an effective face cleanser, an exfoliating facial scrub, a good face mask that is suitable for your skin type and your favourite moisturiser. Let the pamper days at home commence!

The first step in how to give yourself a facial is to cleanse the face, neck and ears (after removing your makeup, of course). An effective face cleanser that we love is the Elemis Cleanser Balancing Lime, which is great for sensitive and delicate skin so will irritate any areas.

Once your face is thoroughly cleansed, it is time to exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells. This will reveal beautifully glowing skin. Just rub the scrub gently in circular motions, especially where you have oily skin. For a cheap and cheerful buy, try the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub. You can also apply a lip scrub if you want to exfoliate some more!

The next step in the DIY facial is a little steamy. Fill your sink with warm water and place a flannel or a washcloth in the water. Take your washcloth out and press against the face. You can do this up to 3 times for the best results. This helps to reduce breakouts and can boost circulation.

Having a couple of good face masks lying around will come in handy for the next step. A luxurious face mask that suits your skin type can be highly beneficial for the skin and can usually be washed or peeled off after around 10 minutes.

The last thing you will want to do to seal in all of your hard work is to moisturise. Go for a lovely, thick cream if you are about to go to bed for the ultimate pamper feeling. Try the Clarins HydraQuench Cream for a youthful, moisturised glow.

Now you know how to give yourself a facial, there really is no excuse not to have pamper days at home! Don’t forget you can discover and compare thousands of beauty products on My Beauty Matches. Just fill out our simple beauty quiz so you can start saving yourself time and money.