How to Heal Sunburn FAST

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As the summer begins there’s a few things we’re all wishing for; some scorching hot weather so we can don a bikini, mix up some mojitos and start working on a healthy glow. However the sun isn’t always on our side and chances are, especially if you’re as pale skinned as I am, at some point in your life you’ve been stung by the familiar pain of sunburn. Red, angry, blistered and unhappy skin which blanches in an incredibly unflattering manner is not the ideal look you want when heading for evening drinks with your friends, but sunburn is just a fact of life we have to be prepared for. So in case this summer your sun protection lets you down at My Beauty Matches we’ve put together our ultimate rescue kit for treating sunburn.

First things first, sunburn hurts a hella’ bad so if you’re suffering taking some mild pain relief which you’ve taken before such a paracetamol can help ease the discomfort. There’s also nothing quite so soothing as a cold compress so if you have any ice packs (or just a good old bag of peas will do) lay them across the worst parts for some instant relief.

Sunburn can cause blistering and flaking due to dehydration so it’s important to try and return the moisture to the skin. The Sun Specialist After Sun Replenishing Moisturising Lotion from Jurlique £24.00 is an intensive, hydrating moisturiser which works to restore moisture in the skin and even skin tone after you’ve been tanning. With nourishing blend of shea, mago and caucau butters, blended with Jurlique’s unique superberry complex this product delivers essential vitamins which assist in the healing of your skin. For some extra relief try keeping this product in the fridge so that when you need it you can deliver an extra, soothing burst of coolness to try and settle the fire on your skin.

Another tried and tested favourite for any fair skinned ladies (or gents) out there is Banana Boat Moisurising Aloe Vera After Sun Lotion £6.99 This is great if you have to get dressed and head off as it’s super light absorbs straight into your skin. Giving your the cooling hydration you need without any of the stickiness. The high aloe vera content, gets to work instantly, healing sunburn as you get on with your day.

The skin on your face is often the first to take a beating from the sun, and needs special care to make sure no lasting damage is caused. On holiday I’m never without Decléor Aroma Sun Expert High Repair After Sun Balm Face £32.00 this tiny pot is bursting with oils of Argan Oil, jojoba, avocado and shea butter. It nourishes and repairs whilst alleviating redness and reducing the burning sensation

If you’ve ever experiences sunburnt lips you’ll understand what a miserable experience it can be. In order to soothe the tight, hot skin you need some intense moisture but you also was to ensure that the damage doesn’t go any further. By using a nourishing lip balm with added SPF like this Neal’s Yard Sun Protection SPF Organic Lip Balm £6.50 you can treat and prevent sunburn at the same time.

It’s not just your skin that can take a beating in the heat, your hair can get burnt too! Aveda Sun Care After Sun Hair Treatment Masque £20.25 is packed with Tamanu oil, organic coconut oil , green tea, organic sunflower oil and vitamin E, to put some much needed moisture back into parched locks.

Heading off on your summer hols? Make sure you pack these handy products to heal and restore your skin back to its former glory.

Before you head off, why not check out our range of sun care to protect your skin and hopefully stop you getting burnt in the first place.

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