How To Home Colour Your Hair Like a Pro

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When I was (much) younger, a wise person very rightly warned me that “hair colouring can be compared to cigarettes, once you start, it’s terribly hard to stop.” But I disagree, if done with the right precautions and products there is nothing harmful about this particular habit. Even at that time nothing could deter my zest for experimentation - whether it was makeup, hairstyles or hair colour. But that person was right about one thing - years later, something that started out as a whim has become a necessity. However I’d rather take on the tedious task of frequent touch ups than ever reveal my greying strands to the world. Whether you are loving your latest colour experiment or need to keep the greys at bay, we know that the upkeep of coloured hair can be a hard task - salon visits are expensive, and the at-home colouring options are confusing. Hence we decided to take on the task of ensuring you have the best help at home. Here’s a list of the best tips for healthy hair that every woman should have at her fingertips.

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Before you begin the process of an at-home colouring session make sure you don’t wash your hair for a day or two beforehand. The reason professional colourists recommend this is because your shampoo will strip your scalp of its natural oils that are helpful in avoiding an irritable scalp. Secondly, if you’ve decided to switch to a dramatic hair colour then we strongly recommend trying on how you look once before. No, you don’t need to go hunting for a wig store, all you need is to download the YouCam Makeup App. Just a fews taps on your iPhone to make sure you don’t end up with a hue you regret. Next, we come to the big question, which at-home hair colour products are the best for you? This is a tricky one since the options available these days are endless. If you’re blessed with a thick, wavy mane then you’re better off working with a gel or liquid formula such as Wella’s Color Fresh Light Intense £6.43. It contains semi-permanent colour with acidic pH value that gives long-lasting, natural-looking coverage to even the most resistant grey hair.

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Another amazing product that deserves some attention is L’Oreal’s Preference Wild Intense 104 Ombre £7.49 as it is an easy and cheap way to create salon looking hair at an affordable price. The style can be created by only lightening the tips of your hair and creating a unique dip dye effect that is sure to make you stand out in a crowd. Ombre hair is undeniably the new fashion forward way to lighten your mane.

One of the best tips for healthy hair and to maintain your colour is shielding it from the sun rays, a especially important factor in the summer season. J. F. Lazartigue Sun Protective Nourishing Milk Thick Hair £14.00 is an excellent sun care product for a rich daily-use emulsion for dry and damaged hair. It contains a sun filter and vitamin F that helps defend hair against sun rays to preserve its colour and lustre. It gives a hydrating boost that prevents heat and pollution from dehydrating your tresses. A repeated use of this product and you’ll notice that your locks seem smoother, stronger and a lot more manageable.

Everyone’s hair is unique and there is no quick formula to finding products that suit you - it is always necessary to experiment. That being said, with these products and tips for healthy hair in hand, we promise your getup will always stay stylish.

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