How To Look 10 Years Younger In Just 14 Days

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Being in my early 20s, it’s not quite time for me to start thinking about wrinkles as women don’t tend to address their ageing skin until 25, so I’ve roped in my mother to put this anti-ageing duo to the test and get rid of wrinkles.

Just 21 years my senior, even she doesn’t have many wrinkles, but is beginning to show a slight deflation of areas that were once was filled with collagen, leaving her skin slightly less plump than my own. With age, the most common areas for wrinkles to start appearing are the forehead, around the eyes and corners of the nose and mouth. With the end goal to get my mum looking like a 30-something year old, we’re testing the Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic Gel Filler and Nourishing Film for 14 days to see if it really works.

Don’t be discouraged by the image, there’s no needles involved! Giving the feeling of surgery standard anti-ageing results, the syringe style applicator provides precision application along the length of your fine lines and wrinkles to plump, reduce and fill with plumping ingredients to turn back the clock and look 10 years younger in just two weeks.

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Removing the lid and metal cap of step 1, the measurement and application of the 2 ml per day of product could not be easier with the specially designed precision applicator with truncated tip. It allows even application along even the finest of lines, allowing the product to soak into the specific areas you’d like to target.

We applied the gel to my mum’s crow’s feet, neck, lips and forehead where her fine lines are most visible and areas that are in need of a little plumping. Waiting for just 10 minutes for the gel to be fully absorbed, she could then pat the unabsorbed excess around the target areas of her face for full absorption.

Using 1 ml of step 2, it was applied to the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck and in an upward sweeping motion, the product is rubbed into the oval of the face and absorbs very quickly, leaving the skin tingling and already appearing plumper and more youthful.

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Repeating this process every evening for 14 days, it quickly became part of her evening ritual before bed due to its fast acting, fast absorption feature.

This wrinkle filler is sold in 3 grades depending on your wrinkle’s appearance. Grade 1 is to combat the early signs of ages when wrinkles are just becoming visible and the skin is starting to sag. Grade 2 is for obvious loss of elasticity and deeper wrinkles and Grade 3 is used to treat visible relaxed, sagging skin with deep wrinkles.

Finding the perfect products to get rid of wrinkles without resorting to invasive treatments such as botox or going under the knife can be difficult. Fillerina has found a cosmetic method of filling cutaneous tissues through a very special use of hyaluronic acid - a substance that’s renowned for its effectiveness in binding large quantities of water molecules in the skin to make skin appear plumper and more structurally stable.

Get rid of wrinkles yourself with the dermo-cosmetic duo in just 2 weeks of daily application. If you’re just looking for products for your eyes or lips, they also offer an Eye and Lip Contour Cream for concentrated anti-ageing treatment around those areas.

For help finding anti-aging products to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines and bring back that plump, youthful glow, take our beauty quiz and we’ll match you to more products that will work great!