How To Look After Sensitive Skin In The Sun

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‘Sensitive’ is the term used to describe the skin type of people whose skin is prone to itchiness, rashes or blotchiness, usually as a direct result of using particular products. However, environmental factors, such as excessive heat or cold, can also play havoc with skin. There is no doubt sensitive skin can be tricky to deal with, but by taking a little extra time to try out what works for you, summer skin should be a breeze.

Patch Test

Take care when buying any new skin care or makeup products to try them out first. Do a patch test at least 24 hours before using properly, which basically means trying the new product out on a small area such as behind the ear to see if your skin reacts.

Sun Protection

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Although you may be wary of using too many different products on sensitive skin, sunscreen is a must. The Sun Allergy Protection Creme Gel SPF50, £19 by Eucerin is dermatologically tested and is suitable for sensitive skin. Non - greasy, water - resistant and fragrance free, it is great for holiday use.

Gently Does It

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Don’t be too harsh on sensitive skin, treat it gently with lukewarm water rather than hot. Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser, £11 moisturises as it cleanses without drying skin out. Fragrance - free, hypoallergenic, allergy and dermatologist - tested, this is gentle enough to be used every day. Another lovely cleanser is Aveda’s All - Sensitive Cleanser, £18 which is fragrance - free and specially formulated for more delicate skin.

Toning Tips

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A quick spritz of toner after cleansing, which is then gently pressed into skin, feels lovely, particularly on those warmer days. Dr Hauschka’s Face Care Facial Toner, £19.95 is suitable for dry, sensitive and tired skin, with extracts of witch hazel it helps to work on achieving a balanced, well - hydrated complexion. Natural and organic, it is free from mineral oils and parabens and has been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

Radiance Reveal

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The right kind of face mask can help to soothe and moisturise sensitive skin, so it’s worth trying to find something that works for you. Be guided by the way your skin reacts when it comes to how often you use a mask, but generally I’d recommend no more than once or twice a week. Guinot has a lovely Masque Hydra Sensitive Face Mask, £22.95 that has been formulated to help reduce redness in sensitive skin. Your skin should feel calm and hydrated after using a mask.

Moisture Boost

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When it comes moisturising, sensitive skin that is prone to a feeling of tightness may feel as if it needs soothed more than other skin types do. I like La Roche - Posay’s sensitive skin range - the Nutritic Intense Moisturiser for Dry Skin, £16.49 has a rich, luxurious texture that feels ideal for comforting dry skin. This should help to work on any feeling of tightness and leave skin feeling well moisturised.

Serum Seal

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You might want to add a serum to give your skin an extra boost before bedtime. Work any product you use well into skin, massaging firmly from the nose and chin upwards and outwards to really boost the circulation and help to remove toxins. Murad’s Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum, £49.50 has a super - light texture that is designed to lock in moisture.