How To Maintain Gorgeous Curls In Fine Hair

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Whatever type of hair you have, it's likely that at some point in your life you've wished it was different. Those with thick unruly hair wish it was fine and manageable, those with super curly hair wish it was straight and women (like myself) with dead-straight fine hair have wished they could work a curly style that actually lasted. Maintaining curls in fine hair can be one of the toughest hair feats to achieve, or at least it used be. Thankfully for any fine-haired damsels in distress, I've uncovered the expert stylists tips and best online beauty buys to solve the mystery of how to maintain curls in fine hair. Pens and paper at the ready, class is about to begin...

Avoid Conditioner

Often the issue with straight, fine hair is that it can be very silky to the touch, making it prone to relaxing and losing curls. By adding conditioner to your hair during a wash you're only going to exacerbate this issue, so whilst conditioning your hair is important, if you're hoping to work the waves on a night out skip this step in the shower. If your tips are in desperate need of conditioning then you can add a small amount of a nourishing hair oil like this U Luxury Oil from Unit £30.00 which contains a high concentration of Argan oil to repair and protect the hair.

Mousse To The Max

It can be difficult knowing exactly how much mousse to put in your hair but the general rule of thumb for holding perfect curls is that if it looks like you've got slightly too much, it's probably the right amount. If you have short to mid-length hair approximately a baseball is a good size to aim for, 2 if you have long hair, then work the mousse in from the roots all the way to the tips of your hair. Mousse is great for creating volume and holding curls as it removes excess moisture from the hair, giving it a texture you can play with rather than silky soft hair which drops at the first sign of a breeze. A favourite mousse of mine is this Stay High 18 Mousse from Redken £12.75 which gives the professional hold of a gel with the lightweight feel of a mousse.

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Prep To Perfection

You need to blow dry your hair until it's 100% dry, so if your hair has been suffering from a little over-styling make sure you use a reliable heat protection spray like this Moroccan Oil Heat Styling Protection Spray £18.85 . Once your hair is completely dry, split your hair into sections approximately 1-2 inches wide and starting at the bottom layer mist with a lightweight hairspray before wrapping around your curling iron. A favourite of mine is this Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray from Percy & Reed £12.00 which gives all day hold without that unwanted crispy feeling.

Clip 'Em Up

This is one of the most important steps for maintaining curls in fine hair. Once you've curled the section of hair, using a clip pin the curl in place and leave for at least 5 minutes, although if you've got time 15-20 minutes is better. By pinning the curl in while it's still hot, the hair cools in this curled position and holds better, for longer. Only once the hair has cooled should you then shake out the curls for that glorious, lioness moment. Tousle to your taste but try to leave the curls once they're slightly tighter than you would want them to be, they will inevitably drop a little so it's best to start slightly curlier than you'd prefer. Fix with a texturising spray like this Tigi Rockaholic Groupie Texturising Spray Pomade £5.99 and hey presto - gorgeous curls with bounce and body that won't desert you at the first sign of a breeze.

Whatever hair type you have, perfect curls can be achieved with the right combination of expert styling tips and online beauty buys. Maintaining curls in fine hair might seem like an impossible dream but I promise if you give the above steps a try, your hair will surprise you.

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