How to Make Your Tan Look Gorgeous

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girl tanning on beach

We all love having a healthy glow in the Summertime. Sun-kissed skin means we can get away with a lot more colour, and small changes in your makeup routine can bring out lovely features that have been dormant in the colder months. Whether you’re fake-baking, or finding a spot in the sun, here are some easy tips for how to make the most out of your newfound colour!

tanned girl with bright lips

Bright Lipstick

While a fun pop of colour on the lips means a good day year-round, it is even more true when you have a golden glow. A bright swatch of colour, especially in an orange hue, emphasizes a tan like nothing else, bringing out the warm tones in your skin and adding life to your face. Apply a dab to the apples of your cheeks as well and blend outwards. Try the satin lip pencil “Timanfaya” by Nars. It’s moisturizing, creamy, and holds its colour.

asian girl with cheek highlighter

Warm Highlighter

Be sure to choose a highlighter in a golden shade when you have a tan, to bring out the new pigments in your skin. Sunkissed skin looks divine with lots of highlight, so don’t be afraid to go the extra mile and apply a bit where you wouldn’t usually. Fun areas to play up are the cupids bow, down the center of the nose, eyelids, collarbone, and even in the center of lips over a slick of SPF lip balm. Try Daniel Sandler’s Billion Dollar Body Shimmer, which can be used on the face and body, for a velvety glow.

girl with long hair and tan

Body Glow

After skin has been exposed to the sun, it becomes dehydrated and parched. Replenishing skin is key to keeping skin healthy and glowing, which is why finding the right moisturizer is important. Keeping skin hydrated can also help it from peeling so you can keep your newfound colour. Try a tan-optimizing one, like L'Oreal Paris Firming Body Lotion Tan Optimiser, which will help your colour last, or one containing shimmer, which will add an eye-catching glow.

girl with inner eye highlighter

White-Gold Pigment

Freshen up a tan and look wide-awake by adding a dab of glimmering pigment onto the inner corners of the eyes. Use an eyeliner brush to sweep colour along the inner bottom water line, and halfway along the inner eyelid. Try using a MAC pigment in “Vanilla” or “Melon”, which can be used wet, giving a beautiful metallic finish.

girl with bushy brows

Natural Brows

Nothing looks quite as effortless and summery as natural, carefree brows. If you’re not ready to let go of your brow makeup, don’t worry! Instead of filling in brows all the way, define the shape by drawing a line along the bottom of brows with a brow pencil. Take a spoolie, like the one on the Elizabeth Arden Natural Eyebrow Pencil, and brush the colour upwards into brows. Spray the spoolie with hairspray and brush brows upwards and out - instantly chic eyebrows!