How To Pamper Yourself With At-Home Aromatherapy

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The commute-work-sleep routine has the power to tire anybody out. We strongly believe in the saying - if you’re tired it’s time to take a break, not quit. A relaxing spa session every week is a quick pick-me-up but with time and money constraints it’s hard to access some of the extravagant treatments available. Hence we decided to take the matter into our own hands to discuss one of the latest beauty trends that will be a treat to your body and soul - Aromatherapy. For you, we did a bit of research and uncovered inexpensive treatments that can take care of your relaxing needs right at home.

To begin, it’s important to understand the true essence of Aromatherapy. Contrary to popular belief it’s not about aromatic candles and potpourri settings, it’s an art of using the scent of essential oils for natural, therapeutic benefits. There is a significant amount of research that has proved the healing properties of essential oils for common ailments including viral infections, headaches, nausea, skin problems etc. Now to enjoy a aromatherapy session from the comfort of your home the first activity on the agenda should be to create the pacifying environment needed for it. So shut down any source of noise around the house (dish washer, blaring TV), close the curtains, turn down the lighting and create a warm, candle-lit atmosphere. For the ultimate spa-like effect, use an oil burner to infuse your choice of scent in the entire room.

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A product we love is Cowshed’s Bath And Massage Oil Lazy Cow & Body Oil £18.50 as it contains extracts of jasmine and chamomile that deeply relax and pacify the body. Massaging on a few drops of it leaves your body skin feeling smooth and soothed, along with a calming the mind. Another excellent oil that contains similar extracts is Aromatherapy Associate Londone Londons Support Lavender And Peppermint Bath And Shower Oil £34.00. It promises to cool overheated skin and refresh an aching head, which seems tempting after a long hard day at work. The oil contains lavender and peppermint extracts along with coconut oil that helps soothe the skin after overexposure to the sun.

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After spending a day rushing around at work trying to make deadlines/keeping clients satisfied, there is nothing like a beautiful, luxurious bath spa session to end that day. Keep your smartphone and other reading material far away, light up some candles, put on some calming jazz tunes and enjoy a long, hot session in the bathtub. For final touches to that experience add a few drops of Tisserand’s Sweet Dreams Body Oil £9.95 to the mix and enjoy the scents of calming Lavender, comforting Sandalwood and relaxing Jasmine. Not just that, with a base of skin-pampering base of jojoba and moringa, this luxurious body oil is rich in nourishing vitamins, antioxidants and Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids.

It’s terribly hard to resist a few hours in a clean room with low-lighting, flickering candles and divine aromatic smells. The trick to perfecting an aromatherapy session is to have the right combination of aromatic healing oils. Use our compiled list of ingredients, benefits and oils that will take care of you right at home. No expensive spa visits necessary!

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