How To Recreate The 60s Makeup Looks Of These Beauty Icons

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The swinging 60s were undeniably a goldmine for beauty with some of the most influential style icons of all time coming from this decade. The style of the 60s still inspires designers and makeup artists today and with such an endless supply of inspirational figures, we’re not surprised. At My Beauty Matches we talked (and argued a little…) long and hard to decide who are our favourite icons from the 60s. So here are our top three 60s gals and some of our favourite online beauty buys to help you recreate these timeless looks.

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It’s impossible to think of the 60s without of the image Audrey Hepburn coming to mind. From Breakfast At Tiffany’s in her LBD to My Fair Lady and that impressive hat, Audrey changed the face of beauty for women in the 60s and her image still holds a strong influence over modern day designers and makeup artists. Audrey is remembered for her larger than life brows and with big brows coming strongly back into fashion, we think this is a part of Audrey’s look you’ll want to have a go at. You can read our guide on 6 easy steps to perfecting your natural brow here, so you can have fuller, thicker, beautiful brows just like Audrey.

Pairing Audrey’s bold brows with her porcelain skin and deep red lipstick is an iconic look that has lasted the test of time, so it goes without saying that a bold red lipstick is a beauty must-have when it comes to recreating the 60s look. We love this High Impact Lip Colour in Flamenco from Clinique £17.22 which provides vivid, gorgeous colour for up to 8 hours. If you'd like to read our impartial review on the longest lasting lipsticks to perfect your 60s look, you can read it here.

Finally you want to to perfect Audrey’s beautifully long and perfectly curled lashes then you’ll need a strong mascara. One of the best products on the market for recreating long lashes is this They're Real Mascara from Benefit £19.50 which comes in a natural shade of brown. The strong formula enhances the length of brows, giving lashes an enhanced appearance without making it look like you're wearing makeup. Perfection!

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Singer and novelist Marsha Hunt was the queen of bohemian in the 60s, celebrated for her laid back style, natural beauty and big hair. She first shot to fame when she played Dionne in the musical Hair and quickly became a highly regarded model, going on to become the first black woman to feature on the cover of Queen magazine. Perhaps one of her most famous shoots was with Patrick Litchfield (right) where she posed nude for the promotional posters for “Hair”, the photos from which were featured on the cover of Vogue magazine and are still admired to this day.

We absolutely love Marsha’s laid back style and effortless beauty and we think her token look of subtle silver eyeshadow gorgeously compliments her skin tone. One of the best silvery eyeshadows on the market is this Phyto Eclat Eye Shadow in Stardust £24.79 which has a gorgeously soft and light texture, perfect for blending for a subtle but stunning finish. Marsha’s silvery eye shadow also works to accentuate her dark eyes and we love the way her heavy black makeup contrasts against her shimmering lids. To recreate this look you’ll need a strong mascara such as this Eye Do Mascara from Eyeko £20.00 and a smudge proof eye liner that will last through the night, for as long as you do. This Waterproof Gel Liner from Barry M £5.49 is a great product for creating bold, statement eye makeup looks and with it’s waterproof formula you can trust this product won't leave you with panda eyes come the midnight hour.

Finally, Marsha’s look is finished off with the perfect nude lips. When applying nude lipsticks it’s important to ensure your lips are healthy and chap-free which is why we love this Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm From Clinique £15 which is a great product for removing dead skin and giving intense moisture to dry lips. You’ll then need a gorgeous, moisture-rich lipstick which compliments your skin tone which is why the lipstick range from Charlotte Tilbury is a perfect choice as it comes in many nude shades so you can find your perfect match.

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Brigitte Bardot is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful models to have blessed the face of the planet in the history of beauty, ever. The world-famous French bombshell has been an actress, model, singer and (just to make me love her even more) a passionate animal rights activist. Her style was unabashedly sexy, from classical, effeminate looks to just plain messy, Brigitte could make any style work. Her piled-high up-dos became an iconic look which is still celebrated today and well, to be perfectly honest, I want to be her.

One of the first things that jumps out at your about Brigitte’s style is her statement, bold dark eye makeup. Whether she was sporting a strong kitten flick, or just loaded up with eyeliner, Brigitte’s eyes were always the focus of her famous looks. To get the perfect kitten flick you need an eyeliner with precision which is why we love this Gel Pen Liner from The Body Shop £9. If you prefer Brigitte’s messier looks then a dark eye shadow such as this Eye Paint in Baalbek from NARS £18.50 is the perfect way to blend a dark eye makeup look that works for you.

Brigitte’s strong eye makeup worked as a beautiful contrast against her otherwise “barely-there” style of makeup. If you’d like to work the barely-there makeup look then the first thing you’ll want to focus on is getting your skin in tip top conditioner as the happier your skin is, the less makeup you’ll feel inclined to wear. if you think your skin is in need of some TLC then you can read our top tips for rejuvenating tired skin here.

Next you’ll need a lightweight foundation with a barely-there feel to match Brigitte's flawless complexion and this Original Foundation from bareMinerals £20.66 is a perfect product for recreating a natural makeup look. To reduce any shine simply apply a light dusting of a anti-shine powder such as this Stay-matter Sheer Pressed Powder from Clinique £21.15 for a healthy, matte look.

Finally, you can’t discuss Brigitte Bardot’s statement looks without talking about that hair, that beautiful, tousled, messy hair. If you’re a fan of Brigitte’s up-dos then why not check out our favourite winter-proof hairstyles here. To get the perfect Brigitte-inspired messy locks try applying a mouse, such as this Session Whip Mousse from Unite £15.80 to your hair after washing. By leaving your hair to dry naturally and scrunching from time-to-time, your hair will dry in a wavy, sexy style just like Brigitte’s. For extra texture salt sprays are a great way of creating a messy style that can be shaken for extra volume and one product we love is this Surf Infusion Spray from Bumble & Bumble £21.50.

Whoever your favourite 60s beauty icon is, I think it’s safe to say that these women were experts when it came to creating original looks that would stand the test of time. With so many of us still striving to achieve the perfect Audrey Hepburne brows, or the Brigitte Bardot hair, there’s no denying that these women will be remembered in beauty for a very long time to come.

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