How To Reduce Fat Quickly Without Exercise

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When it comes to the prospect of weight loss, I’m always the first in line to try out new and innovative treatments and products when they hit the market. I love the idea of having a quick, non-invasive treatment instead of spending hours slogging away in the gym.

So when The Cadogan Clinic in Sloane Square approached me I jumped at the chance to try out their Body Contouring treatment using SculpSure™. It’s a cutting-edge, non-invasive treatment that uses lasers to eliminate stubborn fat quickly - sounds right up my street! The procedure takes 25 minutes (per area you want to treat), destroys 24% of fat cells within the treated area, and has no downtime making it the perfect lunch break treatment.

When I arrived at The Cadogan Clinic I filled out a health questionnaire and my consultant Safae asked me what my main areas of concern were. I’ve always carried excess weight around my stomach and flanks and while I find it fairly easy to lose weight from other parts of my body, the weight just won’t shift from my middle section.

Safae told me that the majority of people that have SculpSure™ want to target their tummy and hips. She also told me that SculpSure™ isn’t suitable for people that want to get rid of excessive amounts of fat - they’d be better off choosing Liposuction. This treatment can be done anywhere on the body where there is enough fat to ‘grab’, with other popular areas including the inner thighs and ‘bingo wings’.

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Once all the medical questions where over I posed for my ‘before’ photos. I then laid on the bed and Safae fitted the laser heads (diodes are their technical name) to my stomach and hips which took about 10 minutes. Safae told me that the laser energy heats and then quickly cools the fat cells under the skin which damages their structural integrity. These damaged cells are then processed and eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system. Sounds simple enough, right?

Safae told me that the amount of pain I experience during this treatment will depend on my pain tolerance. I’ve got two fairly large tattoos and always thought I had quite a high pain threshold so was expecting to sail through it, but I was very surprised at how uncomfortable it was. The lasers would intermittently heat up and cool down the skin very quickly which made me feel like I had the most awful stomach cramps paired with the feeling of needing to go to the toilet. If you're very sensitive to pain I wouldn't recommend this treatment to you.

When the treatment was complete Safae told me that even though there’s no downtime for SculpSure™ there are a few aftercare instructions that need to be followed. No hot water should touch the treated area for at least 24 hours - this includes showers, baths, saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs. Avoid wearing really tight clothing on the area immediately after the treatment. And drink plenty of water in the following days to help your body flush out all of the damaged fat cells. Results can be seen after 6 weeks post-treatment but I was told to come back in 4 weeks for a follow up appointment in order to refine my results.

For my second visit to the clinic I was a lot more prepared and knew what to expect. I posed for my 'after' photos and then Safae fitted the diodes to my tummy area and the treatment began. Again, results from this second treatment won't be visible until 6 weeks time, so just be aware that this isn't an 'instant fix' treatment.

The Results

I didn't notice a huge amount of difference between my before and after photos, although I think that with Christmas being in between the two sessions may have had something to do with it! I think this treatment would be really good for people that have a small amount of fat to lose and can't shift it with diet and exercise alone. Personally I think I had a bit too much fat for this treatment to be effective and I need to just suck it up and go to the gym more often.

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The price of the Body Contouring using SculpSure™ is £250 per diode. So in my case I had 4 diodes used for the tummy and 4 diodes used for the flanks/hips which amounts to £2000.

If you're interested in Body Contouring using SculpSure™ then give the lovely staff at Cadogan Clinic a call on 0808 250 4515 or enquire via their website.