How To Remove Makeup Easily

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Claudia Winkleman does not 'believe' in removing eye makeup. In fact, she once said "life's too short to cleanse and tone". She loves to sleep and hates to exercise. At last, a woman we can relate to. Claudia Winkleman is a vision and her way certainly sounds like the simple life. It should be noted, however, that her infamous fringe is the TV presenter's coverup for many a wrinkle on her forehead, so perhaps she should reconsider her skin cleansing ways.

We cannot hold it against Claudia Winkleman though, maybe she just does not know how to remove makeup the easy way. That is where we come in with all you need to know on skin cleansing and simple eye makeup remover. How to remove makeup never sounded so uncomplicated until now - and do not forget to take our personalised beauty quiz so that we can help take the guesswork out of shopping for you.

Special attention should be paid to eye makeup, especially waterproof formulas. When mascara is left on overnight, it can weigh down our eyelashes and cause them to break. Eyelashes are very precious so it is extra important to look after them well.

There is a certain respect to be had for baby wipes, they are gentle and can be used on anything from skin to leather handbags. While they are a cheap eye makeup remover, they are best kept for rubbing out errors as opposed to being the staple of your skin cleansing routine. Wipes take off a layer of makeup but do not do as thorough a job as a cleansing facial oil or a product that requires contact with water.

So what you going to do about all that party makeup? Try micellar waters and cotton pads to wipe away eyeliner and mascara. A world favourite micellar water cleanser like Bioderma doubles up as simple eye makeup remover because it is gentle enough to be used on your eyelashes as well as the sensitive skin around the eyes.

In the same way we shampoo our hair twice to lift the grime and to completely eliminate it, you should follow the first step of taking off makeup through with a quick facial wash to ensure squeaky clean skin.

We also advocate coconut oil in its rawest form - both a cleansing facial oil and super cheap eye makeup remover. It is so hydrating and melts away all traces of foundation, blusher and everything in between. You only need a little to cover your entire face, then wipe away the excess with a cotton pad. Wash your face with a light cleanser and dab with a towel. Repeat if necessary. No matter if you leave a little coconut residue on the face though, for it "strengthens underlying tissues and helps to remove excessive dead cells on the skin's surface" says celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. Well if it is good enough for Miranda Kerr...

Tip: You can also use a warm, damp flannel to take off skin cleansing products and any cleansing facial oil but on heavy duty makeup days, we do recommend a rinse.

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