Genius Tips To Save Your Hair Colour

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The key to caring for colour treated hair has always been a well-kept salon secret. How do they make freshly bleached or colour treated hair look so shiny and healthy, even after blasting it with heat for forty minutes? These tips and tricks will have your hair looking fresher for longer.

Get (a little) dirty!

We don’t mean this in a gross way, but washing your freshly coloured hair on a daily basis is going to cause the colour to fade quickly! Not only will you be using going through a lot of shampoo, but you're essentially washing that expensive hair colour down the drain faster. Try reducing washing to every other, or less if your hair doesn't get too greasy. In between washes, tackle oily roots with a blast of dry shampoo. Now is the time to try all the intricate braids you've been lusting after! Not only does dry shampoo zap up unwanted grease, but it also makes hair easier to style (bonus)!

We like to have a few dry shampoos on rotation and our current faves are Colab Dry Shampoo Rio and Aussie Mega Dry Shampoo – both smell like a summer holiday! For something a little on the lighter side, we've been loving the Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk. This is an especially good one for us fine haired gals as it doesn't weigh down the hair.

Go sulphate free

Using a shampoo specially formulated for coloured hair will largely impact the longevity of your colour. Alternatively, using a shampoo that is sulphate free will prevent the colour from being stripped from your hair too quickly. With sulphate free shampoos growing in popularity, you are bound to find a shampoo that fits both your needs and your budget! A firm favourite of ours is the L'Oreal Everpure Colour Care & Moisture Shampoo as it ticks all the boxes and it is available in the drugstores and supermarkets.

Condition, condition some more and then condition again…

Well-conditioned hair will not only feel silkier, but it will look smoother and more polished. To bring out the best of your freshly coloured hair, we suggest investing in conditioner specially formulated for coloured hair such as the Phyto Phytobaume Colour Protect Express Conditioner.

Aside from your normal conditioner, we also recommend a weekly treatment that is going to nourish your hair and bring out the most of your colour. For a treat, we like to use the Alterna Caviar 3 Minute Shine Boost which revitalises for a deep, brilliant shine – like a lip gloss for your hair!

Turn down the heat

It is well know that extremely hot water can be damaging for one's hair, but this is even more important to take into consideration for hair that is colour treated. While the idea of showering with colder water is not a pleasant one (especially come winter time), we can guarantee that it will leave your hair shinier and you a lot more awake that before.

Splurge on the good stuff

While at-home hair colour is readily available in the drugstore and at a (much) lower price tag, if it's a drastic hair colour change you're after, we suggest heading to your nearest salon to have it done professionally. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with at-home hair colour, but salon colour is guaranteed to last longer.