How To Stop Smoking And Improve Your Skin ASAP

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With less than 2 weeks to go until the end of the year, if any of you are still yet to succeed in stop smoking plans for 2018, then this is the time to take charge and follow your goals.

I was quite intrigued by Allen Carr’s Easyway Stop Smoking Course as it’s often been recommended to me by many friends whom had tried everything to stop smoking but had found nothing worked. Even with will power, smoking a lot till I was sick of cigarettes, nicotine gums, nicotine patches nothing seemed to work because to be honest I just enjoyed smoking.

There are so many issues when it comes to smoking, not only on the health issues which we all know about, but working in beauty I realised it is making my teeth yellow, my lips are always chapped, obviously it causes wrinkles and also causes my skin to look dull and dry all the time and on top of all this is makes me feel tired and costs me so much money!

I want perfect skin. I want my skin to glow. So what has been causing me to continue smoking when I have mentioned the issues above? Well I guess what keeps me going the “benefits” I link to smoking that it is super pleasurable, it gives me a sense of freedom and the sense of having a “friend” when sitting alone and waiting for someone.

And I guess this is where Allen Carr’s Easyway Stop Smoking Course is amazing! They don’t go on and on about the issues of smoking which in a way or another we all know about. Instead they go around the room and ask all of us what we think are the “benefits” of smoking so we can tackle each item which is considered as a “benefit”.

I went to their course in Wimbledon and there were about 15 of us in a room, we got to sit in super comfortable chairs, so we could keep our feet up and were given blankets and as much tea, cookies and snacks as we wanted.

We were asked nearly every 1 to 2 hours to have a cigarette break too and were told when it was going to be the LAST one so we could really take in the moment.

The day went like this:

Everyone was asked how we felt when we had our first ever cigarette and what do we enjoy about smoking. Then we discussed how what we actually enjoyed about smoking was actually all in our head. For instance some people said they have it when they are bored like while sitting in a car while stuck in traffic. Others said they have it when they are super stressed to relax. So essentially the cigarette cannot do both, relax you and entertain you.

Then we discussed the best ways to cope without smoking. Allan Carr's Stop Smoking seminar insists to still go out and not change anything else in your life which I loved. Lastly there is a 20 minutes hypnosis piece which also connects with the subconscious thoughts to help us stop smoking.

What I also really enjoyed was the support they provide you. They provide a number you can call any day in case you ever have the urge of smoking again and they don’t charge you a penny for it. What was also super interesting is that 95% of the people who showed up to stop smoking were referred by friends and they have a 95% success rate which I believe is unheard of.

It has been 2 weeks since I quit and my energy levels are already better, my skin and lips are less dry, my hairless has also decreased and I have saved a lot of money already.

If you want to give it a go then find the closest Allen Carr’s Stop Smoking course near you here a 1 day course costs £279, one-to-one seminars and online seminars are also available too.

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