How To Stretch Your Summertime Glow That Little Bit Further

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As we approach the penultimate Summer period, my attention has turned to experimenting with every tip and trick I can think of, to naturally prolong my sunkissed glow for a radiantly rejuvenated appearance.

When it comes to enhancing my glow game a devised skin care plan is usually my first port of call, followed by a weekends worth of sleep. However when my time is limited and the art of beauty sleep feels like a myth, there’s one product I frequently turn to which helps to rapidly restore my skin.

Glow Getter

Infusing your skin with a dose of naturally sourced vitamins can really help to maximise your outer glow. I'm a huge fan of Samol’s Herbal Face Elixir, £36 which combines Donkey Milk, Bulgarian Rose Oil and Vitamin E to target dull skin and reduce signs of anti ageing.

Now I know what you’re all thinking, Donkey Milk in skin care? - Yes! Trust me when I say that Donkey Milk is an Ancient Egypt skin care tradition which contains a staggering amount of super ingredients that hold the key a brighter complexion, anti ageing prevention and overall better skin.

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With over 60 times more Vitamin C, and a higher concentration of Vitamins A, D and E found in Donkey Milk as opposed to Cow’s Milk. Donkey Milk is well on its way to becoming beauty’s next best skin care secret!

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Adding a dose of Donkey Milk into your regime to renew your skin couldn't be easier with Samol’s Herbal Face Elixir, £36. Mix one spoon of Samol’s Herbal Face Elixir powder as part of your weekly facial routine, with a dash of water to make a paste and apply to the skin in an upward motion. Leave to dry and wash off afterwards to reveal a glowing complexion that will rival any post holiday glow.