How To Style Wedding Hair By Pro Andrew Collinge

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Wedding season is here and the decision to wear a hat or fascinator or how to style your hair needs to be made. Often it is a hard decision as to what style to choose as well as the accessory, however it doesn’t need to be. With the help of some useful and professional advice, you can wear your hair they way you wish, with the added accessory if needed. Enter Andrew Collinge, twice named British Hairdresser of the Year, has his own line of hair-care and CO of 6 presitigeous salons. We talk bridal hair, wedding hair and bridesmaid hair tips with the man in the (serious know).

Wedding hairstyle tip 1: Styling your hair

When styling your hair for a wedding it’s important to properly prep your hair, this may be done by either using styling products or if your hair is limp you could ask your hairdresser to pin your curls in place and remove them at home a short time before you leave. If you want to wear your hair up a good tip is to wash it the day before, this makes the hair more workable and therefore your hair won’t be as soft and will last longer.

If you want to wear a fascinator and a worried that it won’t grip either an updo or half up half down is a good way of making sure it will be secure all day. If you’re choosing to wear a full hat then consider wearing your hairstyle down for a softer more feminine look and perhaps add a loose wave or bouncy curl to the ends.

Wedding Hairstyle Tip 2: Wearing a hat

Depending on the size of the hat, wearing your hair up is normally the best way to go. You don't want to be over shadowed by the hat and your hair. Taking the hair away from your face allows the natural light to lighten your skin and helps to keep a fresh and youthful overall look. This doesn't mean that the hair up has to be classic or fashion forward just that it should tie in with your total look.

Wedding Hairstyle Tip 3: Wearing a fascinator and hair accessories

Anything goes whilst wearing a fascinator and hair accessories, and at the moment I would say that it is the most fashionable and versatile look to go for as they tend to work with any hair style. You can wear your hair down and styled with a perfect blow dry or a loose curl. A ponytail works well at keeping the hair in place for a long day (and night).

Wedding Hairstyle Tip 4: Securing your hair accessories

The first thing your stylist will look for when your in the salon is how to secure your chosen accessories. A piece of advice I give to all my clients when your purchasing your 'hair wear' is to make sure it can be worn securely with the how you want to wear you hair. You will also need to make sure that your hair is styled with products that ensure it looks it’s best at all times. I recommend a Blow Dry Lotion and there is nothing better than a volumising Mousse applied to the roots before drying for serious oomph and a structure that will last all day The moose helps your hair grip, updos especlly neds this so no strands slip out. This will also help with the fascinator/accessories sitting comfortably - and don't forget to always finish your look with a Firm Hold Hairspray.

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