How To Treat & Conceal A Blemish Just Before An Event

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We’ve all been there, it’s the night before or the morning of a big event. You’ve been excited for weeks and have the perfect dress in the perfect size to make you feel fabulous and then disaster strikes, in the form of a big fat spot smack down in the middle of your face. Whilst getting older usually means your skin gradually becomes less acne-plagued, random zits can strike anybody down at any age, much to our dismay. So to make sure you’re prepared the next time this dermatological disaster strikes we’ve put together our best tips and favourite online beauty buys for how to get rid of spots before an event.

First things first, do not touch. There are many strange myths about how to get rid of spots but the bottom line is: don’t squeeze it, don’t poke it, just leave it alone. No matter how often you wash your hands, our fingers are a breeding ground for random bacteria and the last thing you want to do is introduce any more bugs into an already unhappy environment. It can be very tempting to squeeze a spot and get the baddies out, but often squeezing a blemish can cause the infection to spread deeper into the skin so rather than just suffering a simple surface imperfection, you can wind up with a full blown abscess. Not pretty. So when treating a blemish avoid using your fingers to apply products and instead opt for an ear bud or cotton wool.

For a simple home remedy to shrink swelling, applying an ice cube or cold item to the surface of the spot is a quick and simple solution. However the best defence when it comes to breakouts is a targeted offence and for spots there is no greater enemy than sulphur. Applying sulphur to a fresh zit will shrink it, treat it and kill off nasty bacteria that could allow it to spread. You might associate sulphur with that nasty egg smell but when it comes to skin care, it’s a scent-free solution for how to get rid of spots.

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There are many great zit treatments containing sulphur but one of our favourites is this Mario Badescue Drying Lotion £15.00. If you scour the internet in search of “how to get rid of spots” you’ll find this miracle product pops up an awful lot and with good reason. This skin blemish treatment contains a blend of calamine, salicylic acid and (you guessed it) sulphur which effectively treats, soothes and shrinks fresh spots overnight. The gentle formula means that whilst it is an intensive treatment, it doesn’t irritate the surrounding skin. Simply dab one or two drops of this onto any blemishes and after a few hours you’ll see a noticeable difference in the size of the blemish. For a last minute spot cover up we think this product is an absolute must have with the added benefit of also preventing any future breakouts. Hallelujah!

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Whilst this won’t help you with a last minute breakout, the best strategy is to plan for long-term, effective skin care that prevents the appearance of breakouts in the first place. You can read our top tips for rejuvenating skin for a fresh complexion here and if you’re not sure which face washes and cleansers are appropriate for you skin, you can take our quick and free online beauty quiz to discover the products which are most suited to your personal needs. One of our favourite daily facial defenders is this Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleanser from Clinique £16.20 which has a gentle, oil-free formula that can be used daily to effectively keeps blemishes at bay.

Treatments aside, you still need that blemish gone and you need it gone fast. Whilst sadly you can’t magically make it vanish (if you can then please tell us your secret) what you can do is work on is an expert cover up. The only thing worse than a visible spot, is an even more visible spot that’s crusted in dried up concealer. If you’re going to conceal a blemish you need to do it properly, otherwise you’ll wind up looking like you have a dried up rice crispy on your face which, in our opinion, is definitely worse.

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To avoid any unsightly skin coloured lumps the first thing you’ll need to do is gently exfoliate away any dead skin, taking care not to remove any scabs or rupture any whiteheads. We recommend using a product like this Peter Thomas Roth Sulphur Cooling Mask £26.75 which gently removes dead skin and softens acne without the use of harmful microbeads. This product also has the added benefit of containing sulphur (our favourite acne-fighting ingredient) so it treats and shrinks blemishes as well as smoothing the surface of the skin.

Before applying concealer you might want to add a topical spot treatment like this Boo Boo Zap! from Benefit £14.50 so that you can further reduce the blemish while you’re out and about. Then apply a lightweight concealer that won’t further aggravate the skin further such as this bareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer from bareMinerals £22. This lightweight concealer effectively covers blemishes and keeps them covered all day and if you’d like to read our impartial review of this concealer you can view it here. Alternatively you might wish to use a product which is a combined treatment and concealer such as this Murad Blemish Treatment Concealer £14.28 which fights the bacteria that cause blemishes whilst giving a flawless finish.

Finally, to remove any shine from the treated area apply a light dusting of powder such as this Witch Anti-Blemish Pressed Powder £4.89 which absorbs excess oils that can aggravate and cause blemishes. This powder also contains Witch Hazel and active antibacterial ingredients which will act as a final treatment to ensure your blemishes disappears as quickly as possible.

Zits, spots, blemishes - whatever you call them, these pesky imperfections are sadly a fact of life, but they’re not something that needs to get you down. With these last minute face saving tips and blemish-busting online beauty buys you can dissolve spots just in time so that you can look fabulous for your event.

If you’re in need of a last minute spot-treatment you can shop our healing range here.

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