Hypoallergenic Skincare for Super Sensitive Skin

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If like me, you suffer from sensitive skin during the colder months of the year, you’ve most likely tried all the products out there that claim to be developed specially for sensitive skin. It’s not always the case however that a sensitive skin care product claiming to work, actually works.

Personally, it is around the eye area that is particularly sensitive for me, with even the mildest of soaps and makeup removers leaving my skin dry and irritable. Silver winner of Pure Beauty Awards 2015 and Beauty Awards 2015, Eye Care Cosmetics is one of those sensitive skin care brands that actually does work.

Having tried and tested their products for a few weeks, my skin did not suffer as it usually does with products - no breakout, no rashes, no skin irritation - it was great! Starting by replacing my usual makeup remover with one that is formulated for women who suffer from sensitive skin, eyes or are contact lens wearers. I tried their biphasic cleansing solution (2-in-1) to remove all traces of my makeup - even the stubborn waterproof Benefit They’re Real! Push Up Liner that my usual remover takes several attempts to wipe away. Absolutely no paraben is found in this remover and is adapted to the pH level of our eye area so that no irritation occurs. It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean, leaving behind no traces of foundation or product.

The 3 step skincare regime I usually follow - cleanser, exfoliator and toner, has also been replaced with Eye Care Cosmetics sensitive skin care products to see if they can prevent the development of spots, whilst not irritating my delicate skin. After removing my makeup, I used a cotton pad and a small amount of Gentle Cleansing Lotion to cleanse my face until no residue or dirt was transferring onto the pad. Following this, I used the Radiance Exfoliator with jojoba microbeads to remove any dead skin cells left over and restore my skin’s natural radiance.

Finishing the 3-step skincare regime for my super sensitive skin, I used the Gentle Cleansing Toner to do a final cleanse, eliminating any impurities and tightening pores following the exfoliation which refreshes and calms the skin to leave it supple and soft.

All of these products are paraben free, formulated to the skin’s natural pH and are enriched with soothing peach leaf extract and Vitamin E to keep the skin full of moisture and prevent irritation.

To get sensitive skin care products that are tailored to your skin concerns, you can get personalised unbiased recommendations by taking our quick quiz!